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13-12-2008, 04:12 AM
Dear Sirs,

In continuation of my two new threads - Last pay drawn based pension for all times, and PB-4 Pensioners (Analysis), here I submit the analysis
in r/o all 4 PB pensioners of Pre=2006 and Post 2006 but pre-sep.2008 .

A) The 2.26 factor for the all four stages of pre-revised minimum if applied to
50 per cent of such minimum:

PB 1 50% of minimum pre-revised: 1525 Min. Pension @ 2.26 = 3500
PB 2 50% of minimum pre-revised 2500 Min. Pension @ 2.26 = 5650
PB 3 50% of minimum pre-revised 4000 Min. Pension 2.26 = 9040
PB 4 50% of minimum pre-revised 7150 Min. Pension 2.26=16150

B) For Full Pension with 33 years qualifying service in respect of retirees
Upto 31.12.2005 the minimum pension ensurable is
50% of
PB 1 : 5200 + GP
PB 2 : 9300 + GP
PB 3 : 15600+GP
PB 4: 37400+GP

C) For Full Pension with 33 years qualifying service in respect of
Retirees upto 2.9.2008 -

50% of last pay drawn in respective PB with GP as applicable to the grade.
From which retired.

D) For Full Pension in respect of Retirees after 2.9.2008 -

20 years service is sufficient to draw 50% of last pay drawn in
Respective PB with GP as applicable to the grade from which

While thinking of the entire pensiners' episode, I was moving near City
market place, where two persons (one appear to be father and
the other as son and both discuss about the pensionary benefits). The father is a pensioner it appears, and son gets clarification as follows
in their discussion, which I overheard and submit hereunder
without any stings attached to it.

Qn.1 Why Pre=2006 Pensioners are prescribed with a fitment table plus another escalation through 50% of min. PB + GP

2.26 factor itself is very less and hence
The need for 50% of mini. PB and GP,

very less as compared to what?

as compared to the Pay Bands and various Grade Pays applicable to the particular grade.,

whether four mini. PB will Take care and correspond with that of serving employees who were drawing 100% pre-revised pay got their pay fixed in pay band by multiplication factor 1.86 plus GP applicable and the revised basic comprising both pay in PB and GP as basic.

Pause to next question...

Qn. When 100% pre-revised basic becomes 186 + GP, is it not judicious
That 50% pre-revised basic (pension) to become 50% of 186 + GP.
From 1.1.2006 so that no fitment table and no 50% of minimum of PB etc.
Are necessary

Ans. That is why the modified formula of 20 years service is prescribed
For post-Sep.2008 pensioners.

Qn. Whether pay drawn in the grade is relevant to determine pension
Or the service?

Minimum of pre-revised pay scale is sufficient subject to 33 years
Qualifying service upto 2.9.2008 and ….

Qn. Afterwards?

Last Pay drawn is sufficient for a maximum qualifying service of 20 years.

Qn. Is it a measure of promotion/motivation factor for retirement from service After 20 years as on 2.9.2008?
Yes. So that fresh hands can be recruited.
Qn. Whether the pay benefits from 1.1.2006 are for fresh recruits only or
for serving employees also?
To facilitate both.

Qn. Whether the pensionary benefits from 2.9.2008 are extendable to
Pre-2008 Pensioners?

Ans. What are the benefits?

Qn.. 20 years service for full pension based on last pay drawn.

Ans. I am not the Competent Authority to answer this.

Best Regards.