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05-12-2008, 08:33 AM
(Background: My father retired from from Railways in 1977 as PWI (Gr-I) with pay scale of 750-900. This was revised in the next pay commission to 1640-2900)
I would like to know from the informed people in this foram the revised scale of PWIs in the previous two pay commissions. (after 1640 to 2900).
This is to know the grade pay now corresponding to that to arrive at the correct figure of family pension to my mother now.


05-12-2008, 09:06 AM
Dear Mr Sudha

From what I cd make out (though I am not familiar with the pay scales in Railways etc), the only scale 1640 - 2900 shown in Annexure II of OM of 14th Oct 2008 at sl no 11,will perhaps come under PB 2, with the scale 9300 - 34800, Grade Pay 4200, and corresponding figures for Pension/ FP are 6750 and 4050.(I may be right or wrong!)



05-12-2008, 10:12 AM
Dear Mr. Sudawacb,


700-30-760-35-900 2000-60-2300-EB-75-3200 6500-200-10500 (S12)
650-1040 -do- -do-
740-800 -do- -do-
715-1000 -do- -do-

650-1200 2000-2300-3200-3500 -do-

840-40-1200 2375-75-3200-100-3500 7450-225-11500 (S13)
840-4040-1040 2375-3200-3500-125-3750 -do-

700-40-1100-50-1300 2200-75-2800-100-4000 8000-275-13500 (S15)
700-1600 -do- -do-
900-40-1100-50-1400 -do- -do-

If I remember correct, PWI/Gr.I were in Sc.840-1040 0r 1200. The Sc. you mentioned is not in my book.


05-12-2008, 12:58 PM
Dear Mr. SS,

I had given the scales of pay in tabular form but they got bunched up in actual presentation.

III CPC Scales of pay were in vogue from 01/01/1973 to 31/12/1985. Since your father retired in 1977 he must have been drawing the III CPC Scale of pay. The info given by you tallies with the earlier Sc of pay as follows, viz., S10.: -

III CPC Sc. of Pay - 500-25-750-30-900 & 550-20-650-25-750-30-900.

IV CPC Sc. of Pay = 11640-60-2600-75-2900 for both the above.

V CPC sc. of Pay - 5500-175-9000 (S10)

Now you can proceed further.


05-12-2008, 06:02 PM
Thanks to Sri K.S.Sitaramanji
for a quick and full picture and I got the info that I was looking for! Railways (SR) have done correct calculation of family pension of my mother and they too deserve appreciation.

But they have not yet recognised the age and granted the 'addl. pension' payable to 80 plus pensioners/family pensioners. Her date of birth was mentioned in the application given to Bank while seeking family pension after the demise of my father which I have brought to the PPAuthority. May be that will do. Even pass section may be having her date of birth; As we know the date of birth of wife/spouse in the PPO is not given. They may start that column now as that also matters.

Thanks to people from Railways, both serving and pensioners, as also the GC foram for the service to govt. servants!


05-12-2008, 06:05 PM
Dear Mr.V.Natarajanji

You too were absolutely correct! the family pension fixed is as indicated by you, Thanks to you too!!