View Full Version : HRA payment on EOL more than 180 or 240 days

25-05-2012, 03:45 PM
Dear sir,

I was on HPL with medical leave certificate from 3-2-2011 to 18-2-2011 ( 16 days)
and EOL with medical leave certificate from 19-2-2011 to 2-9-2011 and I joined duty on 5-9-2011 prefixing 3 & 4-9-2011. Again I took leave EOL with medical leave certificate from 8-9-2011 to 29-2-2012.

My basic pay in feb 2011 is 39570 and 20% for HRA is Rs 7914.

I got one increment in Jul 2011 and basic pay is Rs 40760 and 20% HRA is Rs 8152.

In my above case how much amount I will get as HRA during my periods of EOL / HPL ?

I heard about HRA certificate. I need clarification on this certificate & how to get the format of HRA certificate. Also I need clarification on HRA eligibility on medical leave

Awaiting replies