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24-11-2008, 12:18 PM
hi to all,
iam working in an autonomousbody yet to fix the new pay.
my basic was 6900 on 17.01.06 in the scale of 5500-8000.As my increment date is january 17.pl can you tell me,any body who is having date of increment in the month of january,and what is their fixed pay on1.1.2006 it is with prerevised increment or not,and present basic. will I get new pay fixed with pre revised increment as on 01.01.06.


24-11-2008, 09:22 PM
dear friend

Whether autonomus bodies are not following the rules applicable to Central govt. employees. If they are, then your date of increment should be 1st January and not the 17th january. In that case, you will get increment in pre revised scale on 1/1/06 raising your pay to Rs.6900 and accordingly it will be fixed in revised pay rules. You will get next increment in 1/7/06 @3%. However if this is not the case then in case you opt to fix your pay w.e.f. 17/1/06 your date of next increment will be 1/7/07, a loss for you.

badri mannargudi
24-11-2008, 10:37 PM
While broadly agreeing with Jjee's views on the subject, there is one extreme(but not an improbable) possibiliy in that the individual with increment in January was on Regular leave (EL/HPL etc -not CL/RH) from 1st of January to 16 th of January 2006.

In that case, our friend with join the major group (Feb to June Increment group). This possibility does exist. Is there any different view?

The way the question is framed, it appears the individual does not know how the increment date is fixed - I am yet to hear of an Autonomous Body, governed under CPC Report following the kind of fixing increment on the basis of actual completion of one year.
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25-11-2008, 03:57 PM
dear friends,thanks for your valuable coments and suggetions.
the clarification on ccs rules dated13/09/08 are not clear,any way let me wait till i get new pay, ie january 09

with regards.