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18-11-2008, 10:01 PM
Pers.min.nic.in has issued clarification today regarding admissibility of CCL. As I earlier quoted they have issued that it can be availed only when no EL at her credit. It can not be claimed as right and can not be availed without prior approval of the leave sanctioning authority. Any one can see it on website.

My reliable sources are really reliable. What I have posted earlier is True. All my dear friends can see it now. Hope this will end all discussion in this matter.;)

badri mannargudi
18-11-2008, 11:50 PM
My dear friend,
While congratulating your reliable friend and you, sir, the OM has not put an end to the discussion.
On the contrary, this OM may not be the end of it, u take it from me, for sure.

Who ever has made the decision, with due respect has not taken into consideration, several factors.

The maximum age of the child should be 18 for becoming ineligible.
So, imagine a mother takes last few days of the full quota of 2 year. As on the date of applying she should not have any EL left.

Assume the second child was born when the mother was 30 years. (In modern days, late marriage of women (after 23 is common - they may have had children when the mother was 26 and 30. Now at the age of 48, the poor mother will have no earned leave left in her account.

Now she has to start from the scrap. She has 12 years. Add the factor that she should go on LTC to encash 60 days available to her legally. (Assume she had not encashed so far). Now 60 days compulsory earned leave and 60 days encashment. So 120 days she has lost.
Now she can have a maximum of 200 days EL to her credit.
And don't teach me on availability of HPL to off set the shortage. The gap can be filled up to the extent of 50% only (commutation not allowed, u know).

Now tell, me is the CCL for 2 years which is on paper actually available for the govt servant?

It is unfortunate that condition, sorry, clarification #(iv) would exist.
The saying "there is a slip between cup and lip" has had its share.
(I do not see politics in admin affairs, sut still).... I recall somebody in chat(tter)box telling that CCL was a way to woo woman servants to vote for the ruling party.
I dare not imagine the boomerang effect, after the weeker sex realises the realities [a the said clarification # (iv)}. At the cost of repetition, I may add here that my wife is not a Govt Servant.(She is Administrator of my home).
With regards,
Badri Narayanan (Badri Mannargudi)

19-11-2008, 10:30 PM
Dear dear

All your statements are true but analyse it in another way. The leave was recommended, definitely for the welfare of our female colleagues. but its consequences comes in very short period when most of the department started complaining about misuse of this leave. Govt. has left no way other then to restrict this leave. This is perhaps the most suitable way of doing it. By leaving HPL they still show that they do not want to completely vanish CCL. It is for sure that only geniune case will come forward.
I have seen two of my friends who had left the well placed job only because they could not manage welfare of their newly born alongwith their official duties though both of them were ready to take EOL which was not allowed to them. Think if this would have come at that time, they had not left the job.
it will definitely help those female employees whose service period is short and has not much leave at their credit to look after their wards. Is it not true. Is there any real need to those females whose child are about 16 to 18 years of age. In case they need any leave they might take their EL/HPL for the purpose. Why they need CCL? Just because govt has given the facility. This is perhaps the reason that govt has to impose restrictions on it. We must have to fair on our parts and should welcome the move as it helps the needy and restrict those who want to take CCL just for their entertainment.

20-11-2008, 11:25 AM
It is a welcome decision. Because, no one want to deny the CCL. But the thing is it should be given to those who actually needed. Now also Govt. has instructed to exhaust only EL. So other kind of leave will be available after exhausting EL and can be taken in case of any emergency. I hope most of the memebrs will welcome the decision by Govt.

20-11-2008, 02:34 PM

Now they say CCL is available to female employees who do not have sufficient EL to their credit. so if the employee exhausts all quota of E/L and want to retire, will CCL be used for encashment ? This order is totally retrograde and takes away the benefit given by the Commission and Cabinet to the female employees. It is high time, female employees take up this issue through RTI or CAT for redressal


CAVEAT:- my wife is not a central government employee

badri mannargudi
21-11-2008, 09:31 AM
Dear friends,
I thank Jitenderjee for acknowledging the quality of my analysis.
There can be no second opinion on the point that work should not suffer because of female going on CCL. No leave is a matter of right and this will take care of this aspect.
I just expressed the possibility of the actual benefit getting reduced in some cases.
We should leave it to the concience of the Govt Servant (beneficiery)and the Govt may be pleased not to insist on the condition in question.
By the way, it is my perception that 80% of work in a Government Office is done by 20% of the work force.( This is with reference to base work - like drafting orders, OMs, legal affairs and purely technical matters). If Government does something about this and make the G.Servants more accountable then our country will have more prosperity.
(Sorry for a deviation from the subject)
With regards,

21-11-2008, 10:28 PM
Dear coolgoose2
Happy to find you after a little gap.
dear friend CCL is a benefit extended to female govt. employee for a specific purpose and it does not means that every female should avail it wheter required or otherwise. It is defenitely for needy one and every female employee know it better how to utilize this facility. In my view, no redressal can be obtained from any of the court in this regard as the govt.'s intention is sound and clear.

badri mannargudi
22-11-2008, 03:28 PM
Dear friends,

CG2jee may kindly note that CCL is only a kind of leave on compassionate grounds. While the individual has the liberty to decide when she requires this kind of leave, the Govt has every authority to put restrictions. The legality can not be questioned. First of all, CG2jee mayneed to understand RTI ACT is only a Tool to get information. It is not a mechanism for redressal.
Then comes the jurisdiction of CAT.
Yes, CAT can be moved on grounds such as the clarication is not contained in the Leave Rules. Clarification can not abridge any entitlement. CAT may be inclined to allow appeal filed in this regard.(If Leave Rules are amended to give legal strength to the clarification, then one has to argue on the grounds of hardships.Sucess on appeal can not be guaranteed).
The condition (of no credit of EL for availing oneself of the CCL) can at best be called " highly disadvantageous", and hence, the it is not one of "step in retrograde".
With regards,