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15-11-2008, 12:34 PM
hi All

Let me first do the stock-taking:

Many of us here have done a lot of exercises so far on various points/ items/ types of grievances emerging out of the implementation OMs of Ministry Of Personnel,PG & Personnel and Ministry of Finance related to 6th CPC, which cut across all sections of the Pensioners irrespective of their rank/ grade/ scales of pay/type (of pensioner) etc.

For eg. the dissentions arise due to:

1.Merging of pre-revised scales into new pay bands.
2.Relegating the higher pre-revised pay scale to the lowest/ lower level within a new merged pay band
3.Bunching of increments within a pre-revised scale to the new pay band's minimum.
4.Destroying the principle of equality of pension among same class/ rank of pensioners irrespective of date of retirement/ date of CPC implementations.
5.Not paying respect or cognisance to Supreme Court/ High Court Judgements
on parity of pensions in many trendsetting examples.
6.Creating different classes of pensioners through arbitrary dates of implementations.
7.Not extending the benefits even prospectively in cases like 20 yr retirees etc.
6.Ambiguity in Dependency Criteria (?)
7.Acceptances of 6CPC recos as published in Gazette Notifications being violated and not followed in letter and spirit while issuing OMs, EVEN TO THE EXTENT THAT THE EFFECT is quite opposite!

What I have listed is not exhaustive and therefore I request others to add to the list and make it complete!

WE ALL HAVE ALSO BEEN URGING THE PENSIONERS' ASSOCIATIONS/THEIR FEDERATIONS TO VOICE OUR GRIEVANCES. This many of us have done individually also more than once or twice on issues like Injustice/ Disparity; Minimum Pay etc. in a general manner. May be some of the pensioners' associations/ federations have already acted.

My list as collected thru sources here is as follows:

1. RREWA, Gurgaon
2. RSCWS, Chandigarh
3.Railway Pensioners' Samaj, Chennai
4.Pensioners' Forum, Chennai
5.AIFPA, Chennai.
6.Govt. Pensioners Association, Dehra Dun

Please post the details here so that we can have ready data base.Also pl. collect the info. thru word of mouth and post!

This will also help us to make other associations/ federations to act - if they have not done so, so far.


Pl. extend frullest cooperation/ coordination here.



15-11-2008, 02:20 PM
Dear Mr Natarajan
I am glad that you have invited everyone to take a stock of the situation. As soon as I noticed the disparity I contacted one Mr.K Ramachandran All India Coordination Committee of Pensioners Association on 24 September. Address 144 New Surya Kiran Apts , Plot 65 IP Ext, Batparganj Delhi 110092 . Phone 011-22242322
He said he was aware of the problems. Again one of my friends Mr.MN Shukla from Kanpur drew Ramachandran's attention to the egregious disparities created by 14/10/08 OM . His reply was that he was in touch with DOP& PW.

When I first contacted Ramachandran he wanted me to become a member of his association by remitting a DD for 375 which I did promptly. Except for getting the October Newsletter by post I have not heard from him since then. I suggested to him that he should keep in touch with activists in pension issues over the internet he said it would be expensive to have a website and in any case his email access may not be reliable due to breakdowns of either the Computer or Internet connection. Frankly, my enthusiasm to engage with him on a continuous basis flagged.

Similarly I asked one of my friends Mr SP Gopalakrishanan ( 044 23651108) who knows Mr Chacko one of the veteran pensioners' association activist from Chennai to contact him to press these issues. I understand Mr. Chacko's response has been lukewarm. Obviously it appears bulk of the pensioners who retired from the lower levels are indifferent to this disparity across the ranks and are not aware of the permanent damage that is being done.
Love and Regards

15-11-2008, 02:38 PM
Dear Mr Sundaram,
Yes. Many are not aware that they are also affected! Only when one explains in detail, they realise. However, we shall continue to be on the task. I just wanted to know what the (more than)150 pensioners' federations across the country, with thousands of associations of pensioners affiliated to them are doing?
At least if they have websites/ email ids, we can sensitise them a bit more!
Let us see.

16-11-2008, 10:07 AM
hi All

Mr Sundarar had posted this in the parallel thread of the same title, which by mistake I had posted!. So to do justice to Mr Sundarar's suggestions, I have copied it here for viewing by all:
Dear Sir,

I would like to repeat your golden words which is applicable aptly
in the present situation.

"Current employees = Future pensioners (till 2067) and so th e former must help (pensiners ) and make strong foundations for their own post-retirement benefits and not play "same side goal" game at least! Suggestions and Corrections are welcome to boost up the helpless pensioners who have no access to the establishments once they retire. BANKS/ POs are useless in this regard!".

In this situation, if the All India Central Govt. Employees Federation or any other Federation which can directly take up with the Ministry of Personnel/Ministry of Finance, can help the Pensioners who were also once upon serving employees, for whose cause the Federations may be taking up so many other issues.

Alternatively, the CPC itself can be approached to take note of the
incorrect interpretation of its own recommendation at the implementation stage. They should not think that their job is over once Report is submitted.
The success of the Report itself lies in appropriate implementation with added bonanza if any from the Employer's (Govt.) side. Even the Govt. itself may like to revert the matter where mass representations are pouring, to CPC for their expertise opinion. The Ministries of Finance, Home, Railways shall also
take stock of the situation particularly when it is related to senior citizens like your goodself.

Thus, a Review CPC in the absence of a suitable decision from the concerned Department may be an alternate attempt to solve the problem.

Best Regards


Mr Sundarar's suggestions are well taken. My gut-feeling is not many federations have taken up this TSUNAMI issue seriously so fa , escept for the Railways' like rrewa,AIFPA etc. I am trying to collect more data on that so that we can approach for some actions, including the one you have suggested.

Thanks a lot for ur involved response.


badri mannargudi
16-11-2008, 10:32 AM
Shree Natarajan's letter is not a mere intiative but, in my opinion, should serve as an eye opener to not only pensioners of today, but to the whole community of the serving employees, as well, for the simple reason, any fruitful results would certainly be a boon for them once they join the stream of these present day pensioners.

To cite single example, if parity in real sense for the all pensioners in so far of granting full pension to all, irrespective of the number of years of service ( I mean, more than 20 years service).

Through these columns, I appeal to my brothern (serving senior officers) to help the pensioners, when the relevant files on these aspects are put up to them. Needless to say, the officers themselves may be prospective beneficieries.

Before parting, I herby make a prayer to Shri Ramachandranjee (if he happens to read this).

I trust you will do justice to the subscription amounts collected. By bearing the name of Ramchandra Bhagvan, I trust u. I have 8 yrs to superannuate (God willing). I hereby pledge my My membership to your association.

Ungalukku Thali Vannangugiren, Natarajan, sir.
Perumalidam vendikollgiren, Thaangal needuzhi vazha!
With regards' Badri

16-11-2008, 11:15 AM
Dear Mr Badri,

A great response from a serving employee and I can't hope for more! I and my co-pensioners feel proud of you- because for eg. in my own Dept., the current employees are not so involved when it comes to dealing with Pensioners or their grievances! My Deptt is supposed to be one known for its great compassion to help all its employees - but today - I find it is something different.

WHEN I WAS IN SERVICE, I was one of those who represented my Deptt. for its Pay Revisions during the VCPC exercises. To help a very senior retd. police official Late Mr Pon Parama Guru, (exDGP,TN), on behalf of him and his friends, I argued with the Chairman of VCPC also, for the PENSIONERS!

When I was questioned why I was arguing for Pensioners, my reply was the one wh I have quoted in my postings elsewhere: "TODAY's EMPLOYEES (pre 2004 for our category) are TOMORROW's PENSIONERS (may be till 2067)". Spirit of compassion must prevail everywhere!. When I see the 70/ 80/ 90 yr old pensioners standing in queue at the CGHS dispensaries to get the paltry medicines they supply, I feel ashamed!.At least if they draw enough pension, may be some of them would not care to look to the CGHS for the medicines- or at least they can afford to pay for a more comfortable conveyannce to reach CGHS dispensaries!

Grateful thanks for all what you have written and for what you have prayed,-REGARDS


(I forgot to add- the then V CPC Chairman Hon'ble Justice Ratnavel Pandian did appreciate the point raised regarding PARITY in pension quoting the example for the DGPs- for the sake of Late Paramaguru - because the pre 1996 DGP was drawing such a low pension which was nothing but mockery!.Point was much appreciated, ---- the Chairman himself was a pensioner!--- But today, you can see what a mess is being created by assigning the parity and equity to ashes by the current Administrators/Bureaucrats, eventhough the Chairman of VI CPC- another Justice-Hon'ble Srikrishna never even hinted at such a destruction!)

01-12-2008, 07:04 PM
Dear All

Not much response I find!.
Collecting base data folowed by collection of copies of Reps. sent by various Associations/ Federations will be very useful and important to fight our cause concerning different sections of pensioners.
Let us all strain a bit more to get more data.
(I have updated by incorporating "Govt. Pensioners' Association, Dehara Dun" based on info furnished by Mr Kanaujiami).


07-12-2008, 04:33 PM
Dear All

Not much response I find!.
Collecting base data folowed by collection of copies of Reps. sent by various Associations/ Federations will be very useful and important to fight our cause concerning different sections of pensioners.
Let us all strain a bit more to get more data.
(I have updated by incorporating "Govt. Pensioners' Association, Dehara Dun" based on info furnished by Mr Kanaujiami).


Respected Sir,

The Dy. Secretary, DoP&PW in his letter to the Pay & Accounts Officer, DoP&PW on 20.11.2008 has given a list of various Pensioners' Association while writing on the subject ` Web based Pensioners Portal - a Mission Mode Project under National e-governance Plan - Release of grant in Aid to the tune of Rs.10 lakhs plus to Pensioners Associations for implementation of portal for the current financial year. This letter, I have sent to you by E-Mail separately. I think this list as well as the contents of the Dy. Secretary's letter will be a beginning to integrate various associations to raise the various grievances on common platform, which the senior members like your goodself have been insisting for all along. Your attempts had never failed to achieve the results. It will be so in this matter also. Best wishes and Best Regards,


07-12-2008, 05:13 PM
At RREWA web site under the feature useful information I have posted a list of pensioners Associations (with their addresses) affiliated to different Federations,If it can be of use, pl. have a look. Unfortunately very few association are have e-mail addresses &fewer still have Web sites. RREWA though a small organization with only 426 members as on date(list is available on its web site) and very limited resources. However, over the years has been striving for pensioners unity.Wee are just trying to do our bit

11-12-2008, 09:17 AM
Dear Maheshwariji,

I have a specific query:

The family pension is wrongly fixed at the minimum of 3500 though it should be as per OM dated: 14/10/2008 Annexure-I in respect of Railway (SR) official

The communication sent to PPA given on the PPO in Oct 2008 is still to be acted upon by the authority.

Even the additional family pension (20%) due to family pensioner who is above 80 years is not given yet.

Pl let me know

(i) whom to address the reminder with copy of PPO (earlier was sent to PPAuthority given on PPO)

(ii) how to take an appointment for the pension adalat that may be due in Jan 2009?

(iii) Is there any role for the banker (SBMysore in this case) to fix the pension?

Thank you