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13-11-2008, 09:18 AM
Dear Sirs,

One of the Pensioner who retired between 1.1.2006 and 2.9.2008 had represented for removal of anomaly in pension, and the contents relating to maximum qualifying service is submitted hereunder, for kind information of all.

"The Para 5.4 of O.M. dt. 2.9.2008 indicates that the Govt. servants who had retired on or after 1.1.2006 but before 2.9.2008 will continue to be governed by the Rules/Orders which were in force before coming into effect of this order.
If that is so, the existing V CPC Rule position w.r.t. max. qualifying service is as follows:
1. Pension will be 50% of 10 months average emoluments drawn prior to retirement in respect of those who had put in more than 28 years of pensionable service.

2. For those who had put in 20 years and 28 years pensionable service, 5 years weightage will be provided and the pension will be calculated as (Pensionable service+5/33x10 months average pay".

But the Organisations would try to implement the O.M. dt. 2.9.2008 in letter and spirit by giving prospective effect with regard to dispensation of linkage of full pension with 33 years service and at the same time, ignoring the existing Rules/Orders which were said to have been applicable vide the same O.M. and thereby the addition to qualifying service of 5 years also
conveniently has been ignored..

At the same time, another representation from the Pensioners' Samaj has been addressed with the following observations relating to Pre-2006 retirees:

"In line with the V CPC, VI CPC has recommended to continue the modified parity between pre and post 2006 pensioners. In Para 5.1.47 it is stated that `this is consistent with the fitment benefit being allowed in case of existing employees (ie. Multiplying basic pension of pre-2006 pensioners and also basic pay of existing employees by a factor of 1.86 as on 1.1.2006'.

The clarification vide O.M. dt. 14.10.2008 has equated pension of existing pensioner with that of a new recruit instead of with that of an existing employee as indicated in col.8 of Annex.1.

a) In 4 cases (S9, New, 24, 28) - pension based on 50% of minimum Pay + GP of entry level and that of existing employees (post-2006) is same.

b) In 15 cases (S6-8, 11-15, 18-23 & 30) - pension based on 50% of minimum Pay + GP of entry level for new recruits, is less than the revised pension of Post-2006 pensioners. According to this, not even one pensioner, who retired from these 15 pre-revised scale of pay on the lowest pay will stand to benefit by the modified parity formula.

c) Only in 7 cases (S-10, 16, 17, 25-27 &29) - pension based on 50% of minimum Pay + GP of entry level is more than the revised pension of existing employees (post-2006) and only in those cases, the pensioners will be benefited by the modified parity formula as interpreted by MOP.

The above interpretation of 50% of minimum pay + GP in respect of entry level pay of a new recruit as pension for the pre-2006 pensioners has deprived most of them the benefit of modified parity as recommended by VI CPC and also accepted by the Cabinet".

Thus, the well thought parity, during subsequent interpretation/ /implementation, gets converted into so many endless disparities, and thereby necessitating various representations and whether that is the very purpose - to create an issue and then ignore the same rather than solving the very created one?

A single acknowledgement, admitting that a review is required in the
entire episode of all Pensioners (many of whom are also senior citizens), from the concerned authorities through their authorised Portal in case they are unable to respond individually, will give us some breathing time.

Best Regards,

01-12-2008, 07:54 PM
Dear Sirs,

The very purpose of restricting the qualifying service to 20 years might have necessitated due to the very lower payscales of pre-2006 era. In spite of applying 2.26 formula, and in spite of an attempt to ensure revised minimum pension although by inadvertent interpretation of `50% of the sum of minimum of PB+GP', the basic pension has not jumped up. For example, if a person retired in 1998 with 20 years service from the scale of 5500-9000, whose corresponding minimum pay in the pay band in the revised structure is 10230. 50% (of this minimum PB + GP 4200) will be 7215 only if the qualifying service of 20 years on par with post-2008 pensioners is allowed and this only can be said to have been minimum revised pension that which deemed to have been ensured.

Otherwise, the minimum revised pension that has to be ensured under the extant rules even with correct interpretation of 50% of sum of minimum pay in the pay band +GP, will be 4,372 and with inadvertent interpretation, it will be Rs.4090 only. Whereas, the actual pension as per fitment table (2.26 formula) is 4845. Thus, what is the use of Para 4.2 of O.M. dated 1.9.2008 which is seconded vide O.M. dt. 3.10.2008 also? Unless the qualifying service of 20 years is made applicable to all Pensioners as there can be one category of serving employees and that of retired pensioners, whatever tables other than the fitment table of 2.26 formula are just an eyewash, and does not bring home any results. The Authorities may themselves ask, whether there is any purpose behind prescribing 50% of sum of PB and if so, whether the same has been met by so called implementation of 6th CPC recommendation. It is better to go for arbitration with the same CPC itself, to get immediate results.

The concerned authorities may kindly review the entire pensioners problem as a whole with actual workable solutions.

Best Regards.