View Full Version : Reg ta after availing e/l on tour

vinoj p joseph
14-04-2012, 08:47 AM
I am working in a PARAMILITARY Force . I am deputed for a Training at our Training centre at Coimbatoore. 17 days Earned Leave sanctioned to me by competent Authority after completion of Training with the Instrruction that after availing leave I had to report back to HQ. My home town is at Kerala. After reporting from leaveat HQ I submitt my Ticket from COIMBATOORE to HQ loc for Reimbursement alongwith my TA bill as no warrant or voucher provided to me for return journey. But my Office denied my Ticket Claim with an observation that as I availed E/L after Training my return journey can't be considered as continuity of tour as per TA rules TA is not admissible to any journey performed during LEAVE. Kindly clarify whether I am eligible for my Ticket Claim from the last station of tour after availing leave because Govt had no loss in it and only benefit because otherwise Govt should have to give DA also for the days of travel and Ticket fare , if leave is not availed by me. I need a proper Advice with prpoer supporting rules or Instructions to resubmitt my claim.