View Full Version : LTC to NER by fresh recruits with <8 years service

01-11-2008, 08:03 AM
Dear Sirs,

The fresh recruits with < 8 years service have been provided with LTC facility to visit home town every year. However, in respect of North-East Region, it appears that they are not eligible to avail the facility in lieu of their home town. Even by adjusting two years LTC to visit home town for this purpose, they also can be considered for NER. The purpose of allowing LTC to NER for employees, if for the development of the Region, the fresh recruits also should not be deprived off the facility. Instead, by suitable amendment, they also should be brought on par with other employees by appropriate adjustment of 2 years against a visit to NER or any such places that may be allowed in future block of years.

Best regards.

06-11-2008, 10:57 PM
I think, there is no orders available on this issue. It is not denied to any new recruits. It has only mention that it can be claimed on surrender of two years block which a new recruit could also do. Am I not correct.

09-11-2008, 12:02 PM
Dear Sir,

Reg. surrender of 2 years LTC against 1 visit to NER, if allowed by any
Office Order, kindly indicate the reference, for enabling the concerned fresh recruits to approach their offices.

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