View Full Version : Dependency of unamrried sister of women Govt. Servenat

18-03-2012, 11:44 AM
1. As per CSMA Rules, an lady employee has following declared dependents.
a. her Father b. her mother and c. her sister.

2. Later she marries Mr. X. As per CSMA Rules, a women employee can continue to retain her parents as dependents or opt for parents in law as her dependents.
In present case she need not opt for parents in law as dependents as they are dependent of her husband. Hence she retains her dependents (i.e. her father, mother and sister).

3. Further throughj joint declaration she can declare who shall prefer claim in respect of her and her husband and her son i.e for her family unit.

Now after mariage she has the option to choose between parents and parents in law, will the younger unmarried sister of lady continue to be her dependent or she will be barred out of family unit.