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15-03-2012, 11:18 AM
Dear Friends,

I have one query. One person after serving for 20 years in state service moves to join a central government organization. Now since he has completed 20 years of service as state employee he is eligible for pension from state. But now in Central Government organization he is on NPS. My query is how his salary will be calculated. I mean to say will he get
(a) salary from Central Government organization minus the pension from state. Or
(b) he can avail full salary and pension and also take advantage of NPS.

Thanks in Advance.


17-03-2012, 08:54 PM
Pay fixation shall be in terms of DoPT OM No. 3/12/2008-Estt.(Pay II)dated 11.11.2008 according to which amount equivalent to revised pension (excluding the non-ignorable part i.e. Rs. 4000 if he is a retired Group A employee) shall be deducted from the pay.


18-03-2012, 05:32 PM
Dear Mr HSV,

Thanks a million for taking time to answer my query. I have one humble query

Is it "DoPT OM No. 3/12/2008-Estt.(Pay II)dated 11.11.2008" Or

"DoPT OM No. 3/13/2008-Estt.(Pay II)dated 11.11.2008"

I could find only 3/13/2008 and not 3/12/2008.

I am not well versed in reading official document. So, all I could understand from the O.M. is that except for leaving out maximum amount of Rs 4000/- ( in certain case) an amount equivalent to the pension being received is to be deducted from the present salary drawn from Central Government organization.

I am very grateful for you reply. I hope you will not mind in educating me in the matter of rules.