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Gopal Krishan
13-03-2012, 08:53 PM
The pensioners are in number of cases facing a peculiar situation in respect of their promotion. Generally, DPCs in the Government are held quite late in violation of the rules/instructions on the subject. In number of cases the officials come to know that they were found fit for pormotion during the period they were in service. Unfortunately they are not given any benefits in terms of retiral benefits in the light of the socalled policy guidelines of the DOPT on the subject. I have the case of Depurty Secretaries in mind. A good number of Deputy Secretaries(PB III) were considered for promotion as Directors (PB IV) during 2005-06 and were found fit for appointment as Directors retrospectively in the years 2000 and 2001. They have not been given any retrospective promotion and retiral benefits as by the time they were approved for appointment as Directors in the year 2006 they had retired. How to go about this?

Gopal Krishan

Gopal Krishan
31-05-2012, 05:43 PM
To all interested
The Central Staffing Schem, read with letter No. 15/49/2009-CSI(D) dated the 15th April, 2010 addressed to me , provides for promotional avenues to the meritorious officers of CSS, for appointment atg the level of Director and above. Pdrior to the year 2003, i.e. prior to the cadre review of the CSS ther was not restriction on the number of officers of the level of Deputy Secretary, whose services could be recognized as meritorious. Accordingly, this had been done in the cases of Deputy Secretaries of 1995 and 1996 with five years of approved service who became eligible for consideration for inclusion in the suitability lis of Directors for promotion in recognision of their meritorious service, during the year foll9wing the year they completed approved service of five years as Deputy Secretaries. List were required to come by the end of the June of the year of the Select List, so that they could be promoted during the following year. But this was not done by the
Department of Personnel and subsequtely in the year 2006 it was decided with the approval of the Prime Minister to inclue 10 and 11 CSS officers retgrospectively in the suitability lists of Director for the years of 2000and 2001 respectively. In odther words their services were required to be recognized as meriutorious retrospectively in the years from Julyu, 2000 and 2001 and from July, 2001 tro June, 2002. There was no decision of the Government of India to promote the Deputy Secretaries as Directors either prospectively or from the date they take over charge in recognition of their meritorious service, as had been done by the Department of Personnel even in the cases of other than those of the retirees. That was in violation of the decision taken with the approval of the Prime Minister. I have requrested the Department to provide me a copy of the rule/instructions under which that was done.

It appears to me that there may be a need for goint to CAT with this plea. I would request all those interested to join.

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