View Full Version : Transfer in the same capacity just 15 months before retirement on superannuation

06-03-2012, 01:16 AM
1. Whether any govt. Servant could be transferred in the same capacity in the public interest just 15 months before his retirement on superannuation to another station which is 2000km away from his home town?so far my knowledge goes no govt. Servant should be disturbed during his last two years of his service brfore retirement like this.pl. Clarify & quote with rules.if not, what is the way out?
2.suppose he is released on 20 th and he is asked to join his new station latest by 2nd of the next month and incidentally if there are three holidays on 31st,1st & 2nd,whether he can join his new station on 3rd of the next month or he has to join on 30th i.e. Before the holidays start from 31st?
3. What are his eligiblities i.e. Ta/da, transfer grant etc, he could claim for the same?