View Full Version : What needs to be done with regard to One time Increment & MACP

07-01-2012, 02:51 PM
Dear all,
1) When in service, if a person gets promoted from 2nd January or so, he is deprived of next increment in July for non-completion of 6 months minimum service.

Likewise, what is not given during service, will it be given atleast on retirement for all those who complete 6 months of service from 1st July to Retirement date. I feel it is right to give such benefit to all those who retire with 6 months service with additional fixation of one increment. This should in place definitely for those who retire on 30th June every year as they complete 12 months of service after getting increment and before retirement.

2) ACP benefit which was for promotion starved person. But, MACP gives benefit to those who get early promotion (some are given for being in same grade pay for 10 years even before completion of 10 years and from that date of promotion 10 years is taken into account). I feel it should be in place for those remain in a post for 10 years (Not only gpay should be taken into account but also the period of stay of 10 years in a post also should be taken into account).

These points need to be taken up by the confederation, I feel.

07-01-2012, 07:42 PM
In the fourth National Anomaly Committee meeting held on 05.01.2012, this issue has been taken up and it has been decided to set right the issue. But it is a one time settlement I think it for persons who have such anomaly as on on 01.01.2006. I think something will be done for cases after 01.10.2006 cases also. Gist of outcome of fourth National Anomaly Committee meeting has been published in our G.connect

Prasanna Kumar