View Full Version : Encashment of EL while availing LTC

15-12-2011, 07:05 PM
As per FAQ issued by DOPT, Govt. servant are permitted to encash earned leave upto 10 days either at the time of availing LTC himself or when his family avails it, provided other conditions are satisfied.

My point if spouse of govt. servant avails All India LTC alone in December,2011 and the government servant avails LTC in January,2012, Whether he can avail Encashment of Leave both times. You may note that the present block year for LTC is 2010-2013. The official has not availed encashment previously and as such well within the permissible limit of 60 days in the entire service. Senior members please respond.

I would like to have the opinon of Mr.Victor.


15-12-2011, 11:10 PM
Kindly refer to Post#2 at http://gconnect.in/forums/showthread.php?2741-Encashment-of-EL-while-availing-LTC&p=14569#post14569 for my comments.