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20-10-2008, 08:49 AM
With reference to full pension after 20 years of service. It is unfair that the effective date is being announced from 2nd September, 2008. Please join me in representing to Government of India for making the effective date from 1-1-2006.

20-10-2008, 05:03 PM
hi Dear Sudhakar

Pl analyse and put forth your arguments. If you need any help, pl do not hesitate to contact on email [email protected] of Pensioners' Forum at Chennai who may be in aposition to give you some help.

Many mature pensioners like us will certainly support your PLEA for justice against any issue that tries to create imbalance/ injustice/ inequity among the same class of pensioners irrespective of their dates of retirement. If Post-2006 retirees are treated as one lot of many classes of pensioners, then the individual class of pensioners cannot be divided further based on another arbitrary datum of 2nd Sept 2008.

I have given a general point above- pl study in detail - other knowledgeable pensioners will also make their observations. Once you finalise your defence you can act further.

Keep the movement alive- use the e-support to carry the message across to as many similar pensioners as possible - and send immediate representations to the Secy, DoPs immediately.


20-10-2008, 07:22 PM
I feel it is right to ask for implementation date as effective date for full pension.

With reference to full pension after 20 years of service. It is unfair that the effective date is being announced from 2nd September, 2008. Please join me in representing to Government of India for making the effective date from 1-1-2006.

21-10-2008, 09:04 PM
I too feel that the govt. should not divide the retirees of post 2006 as per whims and grant full pension to all and improvise the SPC recommendation on this. Thanks.

22-10-2008, 01:27 PM
Dear Friends,

Will this not trigger a similar request from pre- 1.1.2006 retirees? No harm in giving effect from 1.1.2006, the date of implementation of 6 cpc

13-11-2008, 12:02 PM
Dear All,

Please go to "Pensioners thread" and look at the discussions there on this matter. Now Govt. employees having 20 years service retired between 1-1-2006 and 2-9-2008 are getting Pension as per old pension rules and other pensionery benefits like gratuity, leave surrender and commutation of pension as per new pension rules. More over these pensioners were paid salary arrears as per revised rules. When salary is paid on revised rules as per 6th CPC, it is not understood how pension can be paid as per old rules. That means 3 different rules (on effective date of 6th CPC benefits) are applied to this category of pensioners for the payment of salary, pension and other retirement benefits respectively.

It is injustice and has to be represented together by all affected.

What 6th CPC recommended is to pay full pension to all government employees having 20 years of service prospectively, (means from 2-9-2008) without considering number of years of service (6.5.3) and pension in no case shall be less than 50% of sum of the minimum of pay band + grade pay in the revised scale corresponding to old scale in which govt. employee retired (5.1.47). However, since post 1-1-2006 pensioners were drawing salary even after 1-1-2006 in revised pay scale, their pension has to be in any case calculated based on pay drawn on revised pay scale + grade pay at the time of their retirement.

The meaning of "all employees" is very clear in Clause 5.1.1, 5.1.2 and 5.1.3 of 6th CPC report. "All Government Employees" means "all the present and former government employees who joined government service before 1-1-2004". Pay commission has not said that payment of full pension is applicable only to future pensioners or Present Government Employees after the acceptance of 6th CPC report by government.

This is what was accepted by government through gazette notification. But, when, Dept. of Finance issued orders, they added conditions (reduction of pension on pro-rata basis based on number of years of service to all pre-2-9-2008 pensioners - which creates wide disparity between Post 2-9-2008 and Pre-2-9-2008 pensioners) and that is totally against the spirit of "FAIR DEAL APPROACH FOLLOWED BY 6th CPC TO BENEFIT ITS RECOMMENDATIONS EQUALLY TO ALL PENSIONERS BASED ON SUPREME COURT JUDGEMENT ON NAKRA CASE " and Gazette Notification.

Let us all together represent with one voice and one team for justice to all pensioners who have retired after 20 years service in government.

Another point I would like to refer is the Clause No. 5.3 of OM dated 2-9-2008 for Post 1-1-2006 pensioners regarding payment of full pension (50%) to those post 2-9-2008 pensioners who are retiring on superannuation after completing 10 years of service. There is no such recommendation neither on 6th CPC report nor on Gazette Notification. It is not clear how is it appeared on Government Order. What pay commission recommended and government accepted is that linkage of full pension with 33 years of qualifying service should be dispensed with and pay full pension to all government employees on completion of 20 years of service. There is no mention about those who are having 10 years service on superannuation.

Howver, this a very good ruling and many government employees of old age who joined government service very late are going to get benefitted.

But, it gives an impression that those who are responsible for drafting and finalising Office Memorandums in government can twist government decisions in their own way to benefit some people as they like and create hardship to some other group. This is not at all a fair deal.

H. Kutty

30-11-2008, 06:29 PM
Dear Pensioners/would be pensiioners. Kindly read all threads regarding pensionrs. VI CPC had given parity to all pensioners. Govt. also accepted it but latter by issuing OM dated 03 10 08, modified the rules. Now pensioners are divided into three groups, namely pre2006, post 2006 and retirees after
2nd Sept'08. Benifits and entitlements to each group are different. This disparity has been created, which is violative of Article 14 of Constitution. No rule or resolutions, or instrutions contained in any OM, are above the law enshrined in India's Constitution. In our case law has been breached. You may be in any group or service or pay scale or post , when retired, you are all affected adversely in some way or the other. Simply because pensioners are no more in active life or they do not have unions or strong associations, they should be treated like this. VI CPC is being implemented in States as well and the pensioners there are also not treated differently than us. Defence pensioners have also not been spared. So be prepared to fight for your dues.

01-12-2008, 08:37 AM
Regarding applicability of Pension rules, the principle so far has been
Applicability to ALL pensioners - irrespective of date of retirement
Effective from date of implementation - notification for arrears.
In case of 200 years rule for full pension it should be applicable to all pensioners & effective from 2-9-2008.
That would be fair & keep the classification of Pensioners ? & Serving Employees in tact.

05-01-2009, 09:13 AM
All Pensioner friends. I have already expressed my view in Post 7 above. Further, I would only say that honorable Supreme Court Constitution Bench, in D S Nakara Case, on 17 02 86, has clearly given judgement that the benefits to pensioners, cannot be divided with various cut Off dates. On 09 09 08, honorable Supreme Court, in SPS Vense Case, gave judgement, relying fully on DS Nakara Case Judgement, and held that the Pensioners cannot be divided for allowing various benifits given by pay commission with different cut off dates. Legally, therefore, our case is very strong. In fact, I represented to Prime Minister vide my appeal dated 14 10 08, which can be seen on http://rrewa.org on the same ground. Let us agree that the pensioners are divided lot. Every body is busy calculating his gain or loss. I may assure you that this divide and rule policy of Govt., particularly after issue of Modifications vide OM dated 3rd Oct.08, has put a large number of pensioners to loss of pension per month as given below :

S4 2750-4400 - 165 + DR Loss per month in pension.
S5 3050-4590 - 340 do
S6 3200-4900 - 430 do
S7 4000-6000 - 1120 do
S8 4500-7000 - 1585 do
S10 5500-9000 - 465 do
S11 6500-6900 - 1395 do
S12 6500-10500 - 1395 do
S13 7450-11500 - 2280 do
S14 7500-12000 - 2325 do
S15 8000-13500 - 2790 do
S16 9000 - 570 do
S17 9000-9550 - 570 do
S18 10325-10975 - 1805 do
S19 10000-15200 - 1500 do
S20 10650-15850 - 2105 do
S21 12000-16500 - 3360 do
S22 12750-16500 - 4060 do
S23 12000-18000 - 3360 do
S25 15100-18300 - 1145 do
S26 16400-20000 - 1145 do
S27 16400-20900 - 1145 do
S29 18400-22400 - 3650 do
S30 22400-24500 - 7225 do