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21-11-2011, 09:56 AM

I was in central Govt Service (DRDO-Senior technical assistant) since Dec 1999.
On obtaining a higher position in an autonomous research institute by State govt, I technically resigned from the DRDO service on March 2011 (11 Year ans 3 month service). The DRDO service is not counted in the present service. The present institute does not have any pension scheme and follows the EPF scheme.

My queries are

1. Whether I am eligible for Pension for my DRDO service?
2. If so What are the relevant rules ?
3. Is there any time period, in which I have to apply for that ?
4. Whether I am eligible for Gratuity ? If eligible, whether it will be paid to me or to the new Institute ?

I shall be grateful, if any of the Senior members will help me in this regard

29-11-2011, 05:04 PM
Dear Jayarajravindran,

Yes, as per Rule 37 of CCS Pension Rules, 1972, you are eligible to get Full Pension (50% of your last [Basic Pay+Grade Pay] as fixed following Govt decision on Sixth Pay Commission's recommendations) with effect from the date of your relief from DRDO for the service that you had rendered there (if your DRDO service is a Central Govt. service) in addition to Gratuity, Encashment of Earned Leave, if any, if you do the following:
1. Discontinue your lien in the previous post in DRDO, if you have opted for lien, by officially intimating them to that effect (unless of course, you do not want to come back to DRDO from the present State Government job for any reason during the retention of the lien period).
2. Exercise your option to draw Pension from the Central Government for the service that you had rendered there (in DRDO).

Further, your Family is also eligible for Family Pension from Central Govt. against your above DRDO service.

Veerendra Kumar