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14-11-2011, 01:21 PM
I am working in CPSU and my wife is working in central govt and we have requested LTC for my family from Central Govt.

Department asked my wife that you give joint Declaration from husband Employer that he and his dependent family members are not going to take the LTC from his organization i.e CPSU
and I have taken joint declaration from my employer in the prescribed format of central govt given by wife department.

and after that wife office has included the name of 1.0 myself (husband) 2.0 Father (husband Father) 3.0 Mother (husband Mother ) in the dependent list for ltc

then after she has applied LTC For herself father in law's and mother in law's and department has sanctioned the same and given advance for the three persons and they have performed the same and claims ware settled after completion of Journey.

Now Wife organization has issued a letter that as her father & mother in law's can not avail the ltc from central govt as per CCL rules and issued letter to finance for recovery of same, may please clarify the case.

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15-11-2011, 08:01 AM
Mother-in-law and father-in-law can be included only for Medical claims and not for LTC as per rules.

15-11-2011, 11:39 AM
mr ramnath,
it is whose mistake who shoud bear the flight cost extra due to ltc 80 fare

15-09-2013, 09:03 PM
As LTC Block at Central Govt. (once in every four years) and LTC Block at CPSU (Like: Life Insurance Corporation of India) (once in every two years) differs in time frame, legally there may not be any problem to avail LTC from both, provided- while availing LTC Husband or Wife should furnish declaration(joint/single) or Employers' Certificate that for the same journey one is not availing any LTC from his/her employer.
However here with the production of the declaration correctly LTC was sanctioned for Husband by wife's office (Here Central Govt.) but correctly again Mother in Law and Father in Law were finally excluded as per law (FnL & MnL can't avail LTC in case of Central Govt. and also in case of PSUs.).

16-09-2013, 08:58 PM
LTC claim wife(@Govt.of India) and Husband (@ LICI<PSU>)

Case study: Wife is working at Khadi Village and Industries Commission (Ministry of MSME) Govt. of India and Husband is working at Life Insurance Corporation of India(LICI: a Public Sector Undertaking <PSU>)

If one's husband work at Life Insurance Corporation (LIC/PSU) and avail LTC for himself and his family (Wife and Daughter), could the wife, who works at KVIC (Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India) claim LTC for herself and her family (Husband and Daughter) for a different tour?

{Keeping it in mind that the claim made by her(wife) will not be claimed by her husband and her husband produced his Employers' certificate stating that he hadn't made any LTC claim for the same journey performed for himself and his family (H./W./D.) to his Employer, here Life Insurance Corporation of India}

Legal points are:

(1) the Block of LTC at Central Govt.(once in four years) totally differs with Block of LTC at Life Insurance Corporation of India (once in every two years)

(2) one is not availing LTC for Himself/Herself and for rest of his/her family for the same tour at a time.

Please give legal and rational reply.

16-09-2013, 09:11 PM
Re:LTC eligibility for Spouse

Para. 6 of CCS LTC rules reads as under;

When the spouse of the Government servant is employed in an office other than a central government office where LTC facilities are available.- The central government servant should furnish a certificate as under at the time of preferring the claim for LTC:-

Certified that my wife/husband for whom LTC is claimed by me is employed in ----------, which provides leave travel concession facilities but he/she has not preferred and will not prefer, any claim in this behalf to his/her employer ------Order No: 25

As per the above rule provision when one claims LTC from Central Govt. Office for a particular journey, his/her spouse should not claim LTC from his/her employer for the same journey.

In LTC rules it is clearly mentioned that when husband and wife are Central government servants the husband or wife who avails LTC as a member of the family of spouse cannot claim LTC independently for self (Para. 1 of LTC rules). Whereas in case spouse is employed in PSU (other than Central Govt.) this condition is not applicable. In such situation the Para 6 quoted above should be applicable.

As per para 6 mentioned above, there is a clear-cut provision that one should declare that his/her spouse who is employed in a PSU (OFFICE OTHER THAN CENTRAL GOVT.) which provides LTC facilities has not availed and will not avail any claim in this behalf to her employer. This means that when husband/wife is availing LTC from Central Govt. Office, his/her wife/husband should not simultaneously claim LTC from his/her employer for the same journey.


16-09-2013, 09:23 PM
We are discussing about the EXISTING LTC RULE PROVISION, when wife and husband are working in Central Govt. and "other than Central Govt: PSU like LIC" respectively.

It is very clearly mentioned in CCS LTC rules that if wife AND husband are working in "central govt. service" ONLY one can avail LTC. Hence no question of discussion on this issue IF BOTH ARE CENTRAL GOVT EMPLOYEES.

But when wife/husband is a "central Govt employee" AND his/her spouse is working in "other than central govt. organisation" (like PSU:LIC, Banks etc.) the above rule does not apply. In such situation AS PER CCS LTC rules the central govt. employee should furnish a statement as mentioned in the above rule.

It may be noted that as per the rule provision mentioned above BOTH can avail LTC from THEIR respective offices, as the existing rule provision does not clearly mentions about it.

Also there are cases where the spouse works in an organisation ("other than central Govt. Oraganisation") where LTC is for a period Financial Years (April 2012 to March 2014), where as in central govt. it is fixed (i.e. 01-01-2010 to 31-12-2013), which is all together a different block.

Hence if we are talking about the existing rule provisions mentioned in CCS LTC rule there is nothing which prevent BOTH to avail LTC, if one is working in "central Govt. service) and other in "other than central Govt. Organisation"