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16-10-2008, 09:16 PM
a specialize case came and which i am unable to solve my self that one my friend position as under and requested entire pay structure since 01.1.2006 along with arrears pl .
1. pay as on 01.01.06 is Rs 5375/
2. got one time bond promotion in postal department scale 4500-125-7000 from 15.2.2005
3. original increment sept, but on stepping with junior at 5 cpc increment from jan since2006.
4. post phonement increment(rule 16 punishment for clerical error for one year with out any further and restored from feb 2007 .
5. His pay fixed at 12640 with grade pay RS 2800 by postmaster account branch
6. mean while his junior who are in the pay scale 4000-100.-6000 has got promotion and
reached pay of RS 5500/-(4500-125-7000) from june 2006 and his pay as on 1.9.2008
rs 14000 GP 2800 got good arrrers.
7. coming to pint his pay fixation neither for 5250X1.86 nor 5375x1.86 taking six monthly
avarage of Rs 12640(grade pay rs 2800, pay RS 9840(5250+5375/2 x1.86= 9840)
which does not have scientific support given 6th pay commission approved )
8. actually he is 5375x1.86 Rs 10000 fixed+2800 =RS12800, so balane RS160 per month
and with DA on arrears should be, his pay on 1.7.2008 is 14250+GP 2800
9. It is not known when punishment of post poning increment for one year in the revised
6cpc version he was been in the scale of Rs 12640 from jan 2006 to july 2007 for 18 month , it is much injustice for official who vicitimsed for a long period which not covered any by pay commission structure and disciplinary proceedings.
10. There fore it requested every body to look in to matter for every common justice that
no innocent has to sufferer for a long period.
11. necessary ruling position and full pay structure with arrears calculation is requested
I once appeal every body to do justice in this regard murali-viswanadh VIsakhapatnam
e mail id [email protected]