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22-09-2011, 12:39 PM
i am availing cghs facility for my husband, who is a government servant, my three year old daughter and my parents(who are dependent on me as they are not employed, and i do not have a brother). but now my husband has got a promotion and his grade pay is now higher than mine (my grade pay is 2800 while my husband's grade pay is now 4800), so i want to avail cghs facility for myself and my daughter from my husband's office and continue availing cghs facility for my parents from my office. is that possible? will there be any objection if i avail this facility for my parents without availing cghs facility for myself from my office? please guide.

22-09-2011, 09:19 PM
You can avail of the medical facilities for your parents only condition is that you should have the CGHS card. In that case you can not avail off the cghs facility from the cghs card issued to your husband