View Full Version : LTC when husband and wife both are in central govt job

19-09-2011, 08:03 PM
Myself and my wife both are central govt employee joined in July 2004. We claim LTC independently for every year home town (both from same home town). My questions are as follows -

a) Before 6th pay commission we were availing every year home town as individual. Now itís not clear to me whether Iím still elegible for every year hometown LTC as an individual (we have no dependents).

b) Furthermore, with 6th pay commission now itís allowed for 3 hometown and one any where india for first eight years of service in two four year blocks. If this rule applies can I take anywhere india/hometown for year 2011?

c) From 2012 onwards which rule will be applicable for me or Can I still opt for every year home town?

d) Is it allowed to avail LTC during maternity leave (My wife is currently in 6 months maternity leave)?

Please help me out to understand these rules so that I can decide on the best suited option for LTC.

Thanks .. Deep

20-09-2011, 07:38 AM
You are not eligible for every year home town ltc You should not avail of such facility in future since it may unnecessary invite trouble.
3 home town ltc is admissible to entrants on or after 1.9.2008
Home town LTC during maternity leave is admissble