View Full Version : Normal transfer enttitlement - whether self can avail journey fare while joinng ?

11-09-2011, 10:29 AM
Please refer to DOExp's instructions vide F No 19030/I/2006-E.IV dated 6th February 2006, as amended by instructions of the even number dated 22nd March 2006 (published in Swamy book on Travelling Allowances) in which it has been stated that a central government employee on transfer is entitled to additional fare, in addition to the normal transfer entitlement, if he has to leave his family behind at his old headquarters because of non availability of government residential accommodation at his new place of posting. In this context, i request members to enlighten me the following:

Under normal transfer entitlement, whether the employee (on transfer in public interest) can claim his entitled class of journey fare for SELF only for outward journey when he goes to join his new post leaving his family behind at the old headquarters ? i.e for the first time he travels to his new station ?

This doubt has arisen because of DOExp's instructions F No 19018/I/77-E.IV (B) dated 18th August, 1977, which state that such employee whose family does not accompany him to the new station, when he travels to his new place of posting for the first time, has an option for him

either for the first journey undertaken to join the new post,
for the journey subsequently undertaken along with his family members

12-09-2011, 07:13 PM
yes he can claim for self only...in entitled class for his outwar journey when he goes to hoin his new post on transfer in public interest....he can claim one additional to and fro fare for bringing family too...later on...