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22-08-2011, 11:24 PM
i wish to support the cause of eradication of curruption from india. being a govt servent i understand that certain participation and compaining rights are not avilable with me.

but i donot know that what i cannot do very preciscely (like dharana balck badge, black clotinig, etc), and what i can do and what / whether i have to seek permission for which office,etc.

i wish to know that can i write my views regariding what points should also be included in lokpal bill so that it will help to fight against corruption to hon. President of India over a postcard.

i wish to make an honest effort without violating any rule of conduct. pl advice me


23-08-2011, 10:53 AM
Few things are there which are self generated. Honesty and discipline can not be imposed unless there is will power among ourselves. We can support the anti curruption drive by devoting ourselves to duty and maintain absolute integrity and honesty. There is no need to participate in any agitation

23-08-2011, 09:31 PM
A Government Servant is bound by certain laws. One cannot do any thing which may be construed as anti government activity. It is an universal truth that one or a group persons cannot eradicate corruption which is prevailing in all spheres of life.

Every year, vigilance week is being observed in Central Government offices which all of us know will not curb corruption. Mending people is not our job also. We cannot bite iron because we have strong teeth. In my opinion, Let us be honest, clean, punctual, sincere etc and not accept any bribe from any side.

As per my experience, no doubt the honest and sincere will have a lot of problems, but these are temporary and the truth will come to light at one point of time (God sees the truth but waits). However, we have the right to protest against the harassment in such a manner which will not attract any action.

Dear friend, the last laugh will be of the honest person.

Sorry if I have bored all with my essay.

Prasanna Kumar

23-08-2011, 09:33 PM
Wow Cool Reply.
I would like to add that one shd be faithful to atleast his own soul. With that he will be faithful to the seat and consequently to office and organisation we work for.
We must adopt that:
1. We will not jump queues at petrol station, loo, ATM, bus stand, Railway station. Rather try ensuring that rights of those 'who stand and wait' are protected.
2. Pay bill ontime. No pilferage
3. Never jumpr red lights
4. Obey rules
5. Avoid making false statements
6. Better get challaned than bribe.
7. Not to litter around
8. Give Way

There may be many more such small things which will ensure courtesy and respect for human life.

23-08-2011, 11:59 PM
thanks a lot.