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18-08-2011, 09:41 AM
i wish to know that is there any dress code is set up by central govt of india on their employees. can it will be all right that i will go to the office in payjayama kurta or dhoti kurta.

i understand that while working the job demands some spl clothing i am not disputing over it. my concertn is our traditional cloths are well suited for indian climate, if we start using it we me be able to reduce AC bill a littile.

in IT sector i had seen people are visiting office in shorts and other clothes.

pl clarify.

18-08-2011, 01:31 PM
There is no predefined dress code for Govt offices, however, it is expected that a GS may observe proper decorum. Wearing Kurta Payjama/Dhoti Kurta is allowed. If however, one come in Barmuda or a women employee in mini skirt, it will no doubt be objected

31-08-2011, 08:37 PM
There is no dress code for employees in government offices. It is the choice of the employees to wear which ever is comfortable to him/her (except uniforms stipulated to certain sector of employees). In Kerala, many employees wear traditional dhohi (called mundu in Malayalam). On Nov 1, the day on which the state was formed, most of the state as well as CG employees attend office in traditional dhothi. However, the dress should be modest. Men dont wear half trousers and female staff dont wear dress like mini skirt. In public also, there is a feeling that government employees should be modestly dressed

Prasanna Kumar