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16-08-2011, 10:53 AM
Pay Fization for New recruits after 1.1.2006 in PB-2
Dear Gconnect Members,

I need ur guidance on this issue

I have joined an Autonomous Org of Govt of India since 2007.I was given appointment as Scientific Asst B Group B Non Gazetted under pre revised Scale of 5500-9000 in my appointment order. I was fixed as per 6th CPC in scale of 9300-34800 with GP of 4200.

ISRO has granted a GP of 4600 also to all the new recruits who joined after 1.1.2006 based on their O.M No.E.29011/1/2008-Sec.V(1) citing Rule (5) of CCS (RP) 2008.

As We are also an R n D based org we want the same to be implemented in our org,bt our Administration is telling that we cant implement ISRO O.M for Scientific/Technical Staff saying that ISRO got that 4600 order approved directly as it(Ministry) falls directly under Honourable P.M.

Scientiifc Asst B with pre revised scale of 5500-9000 is starting cadre for our Org and there is no Grp C r Grp D employees.

I have gone through sixth cpc main draft in 2008 and revised draft of August 2008. I have seen they have mentioned Pre revised scale of 5500-9000 is to be given GP of 4600 under existing designation names of various ministries namely Min of Labour, Urban Devleopment, Culture and MHA...etc and also the Staff Selection Commision (SSC) has given grade pay of 4600 to pre revsied scale of 5500-9000 in their new advertisemnts.

The admin r stating only a table that after 1.1.2006 new recruits wil b placed with GP of 4200, bt they are not going through the revsied orders of Ministry of Finance. The Urban development and MHA have implemeted the same of GP 4600 for pre revised scale of 5500-9000.

I want to know if my assumptions/illustrations r worth fighting for.



17-08-2011, 04:45 PM
The normal replacement scale for 5500-9000 is PB-2 + GP 4200. Pay Commission has recommended specific case to case recommendations of upgradations of pay scale which have been selectively accepted by the Govt. These are indicated in the CCS(RP) Rules, 2008.

Probably you all can represent to your admin for moving a proposal to your administrative ministry for upgradation based on the ISRO Order.


17-08-2011, 05:14 PM
Victor Sir,

First of all Thank you very much for your prompt reply,

We have asked our admin for d same to be implemented here but they are saying that as per the fitment table issued in august 2008, entry level it will be 9300 with GP of 4200 only even though our appointment order shows Pre revised scale of 5500-9000.
Admin people r jus saying we cant implement the rule of ISRO because they gt approved from Honb P.M directly.

In our org, our designations are Scientific Asst B, Group B Non Gazetted in our appointment letter

No where in our appointment order is mentioned that we will be governed by 6th cpc rules after joining.

Many depts where the Pre revised scale of 5500-9000 existed they where enchanced either by 13 Nov 2009 r 16 Nov 2009 MoF Dept of Expenditure clarification

Most of the Ministries has implemented the same and even SSC issues notification with 4600 GP for Group B Non Gazetted.

Kindly guide us for fighting for our cause.