View Full Version : Upgradation of posts retrispectvely as per 5th CPC

26-06-2011, 01:32 PM
Our dept have posts in technical cadre as Radio Tech(4500) Tech. Asst.(5000) Sr.Tech Asst.(5500) Supdt. (6500). As per the ruling of 5th CPC to give 5000 entry grade to Diploma holders, after prolonged fight and result of Madras HC judgement the scales have been revised by Ministry as Radio Tech(5000) Tech. Asst.(5500) Sr.Tech Asst.(5500) Supdt. (6500) w.e.f. 1.1.1996. While doing so they say that they have merged the posts of Tech. Asst and Sr. Tech Asst retrospectvely and thereby denied 5th CPC order benefit to the grades of Sr. Tech Asst. and Supdt. This has also resulted in loosing seniority by STAs and Supdts. due to back dated merging. I would be thankful if the experts please comment on......(a) Whether such retrospectve merging of posts is legal (No formal order or notification has been issued by the Govt.)...(b) If the RRs are ammended now by the Govt. can they take retrospective effect..... (c) I am direct recruit Sr. Tech Asst of 1990 but now stands to loose seniority to my then juniors Tech Asst. since date of becoming Tech Asst is now considered date of seniority... should I approach judiciary for the same...