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14-10-2008, 02:42 PM
Govt: Implementation 6CPC & Arrears before Diwali. We pensioners from BRO have'nt received anything yet.

03-11-2008, 05:00 PM
harryrakhraj pl.

Under which Ministry pl.? If u r not from Defence etc, u may see similar threads on revised pension- arrears etc by others for the current status (if u havent recd anything by now!)


06-11-2008, 12:23 PM
BRO comes under Min of Surface Transport.
Thank you, vnatarajan.

06-11-2008, 01:02 PM
D/Mr harry
I think by now u might have seen the other threads including one on " Clarifications ..... etc" wherein the Editorial contents of the Jounal titled Pensioners' Advocate (oct 2008) is posted which describes the chaos in some parts of the country with regard to the payment of revised pension/ arrears etc!

06-11-2008, 02:17 PM
My dear Mr Natarajan
I got my arrears posted today after considerable pestering of- I hated to do this- very friendly and sympathetic staff and manager of my branch from Bank Of India, according to Para 4.1 (= Px2.26) . It appears that when our PPOs were recorded in the Chennai Link Branch originally me and a few other civilians ( who are receiving pension from this branch) paid from Defence Service Estimates have been wrongly coded as Commissioned Officers. Orders in respect of Commissioned officers are still awaited according to them.

I put across to them, no matter what the code might be, for giving 2.26 times, only the individual's recorded pension as on 1.1.2006 matters. Finally they spoke to Link Branch and got permission to calculate and credit arrears locally in my case. I am extremely thankful to them . I did the calculations and the kind lady officer completed it and credited it. This is just to share my experience.

I do not know how long it will take to get the final new revised pension. Even DPDO (Defence Pension Disbursing Officer) at Chennai has not got instructions from Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (PCDA) Allahabad till today. To a fax message sent by one of the senior pensioners PCDA responded by saying it was under issue.

I think there may be quite a few pensioners ( more particularly family pensioners) who are not aware of the orders and who may be denied their dues owing to inadvertant mistakes of bank staff now or in the past. I personally think it is wrong on the part of the govt accounting offices to pass the buck completely to the banks. The purpose of giving the 2.26 times is lost since many banks have not done that even after 60 days of the OM. Some of them do not understand the jargon of central government. For instance the staff of my bank thought all that was to be done was to use the table published by Swami. I explained to them how this is only part of the task and gave them a copy of the OM dated 14/10/2008 for fixing the pension finally.

. Deadlines reflecting wishful thinking without a reality check like within a week or within a month from the date of this order can never be fulfilled. Within these two months computerised Corrected PPOs could have been prepared by Civil/railway/Defence Accounts offices and reached to all banks with copies to the pensioners.

Perhaps this two step approach was well intentioned and hopefully would have been useful at least in the case of pensioners in Delhi.

06-11-2008, 03:34 PM
Dear Mr Sundaram

What a pity? If knowledgeable persone like you have to struggle so much and get your pension/ arrears - that too I can say only because of a very very cooperative bank management, one can not imagine the plight and agony of other much aged pensioners/ family pensioners.

I think this time - the DoP/PW and its Ministry as well as MOF are resorting to- knowingly or unknowingly- a variety of direct/ indirect methods to frustrate the pensioners ! WE HAVE TO GO TO HUMAN RIGHTS COMMSSION also to stop this nonsense!

Many pensioners, I am aware, believe in the saying 'IGNORANCE IS BLISS' at their old age! WE ARE ALL WORRIED BECAUSE WE KNOW WE HAVE TO GET SOMETHING! If we are ignorqant of the whole matter, where is the botheration?.

Your last lines are correct. The two step approach is not only to facilitate some but also to delay matters in case of the inevitable eruption of the spate of grievances that has to follow!


01-12-2008, 02:15 PM
While thanking Mr.RSundaram for sharing his valuable information, I would like to make this request all fellow Pensioners:
If and when your revised pension is fixed correctly as per the Govt Orders. kindly share the details with the Community so that others can quote this to get their own cases finalised.

04-12-2008, 10:35 AM
An old colleague of mine informs me that Kerala SBI Pension Cell( TVPM) has paid revised pension as per G.O of 14th Oct, with arrears. He retired from Dept of Space in 2004 after 33 yrs. This happened this week.

04-12-2008, 01:57 PM
Dear all

I have posted details regarding receiving of my final "mutilatrd" pension from my bank in accordance with the OM of DoP/PW dtd 14th Oct 2008 on 2nd Dec 2008- though balance of my arrears are yet to be calculated.

I have posted more details in the threads titled " Clatifications------"/ "Injustice......."
for info of all.


06-12-2008, 04:17 PM
My dear VN
I note that your pension under para 4.2 though mutilated has been credited. But I know that a large number of pensioners ( which includes me too) have not got their pension fixed likewise. I was told that the data on PPOs are largely available with the Account Holding Bank Branches while the Centralised Cell in the Bank in each city has been entrusted with the task of revising the pension as per OM dated 14/10/2008. Even in the Account Holding Branches in respect of old pensioners mostly pre 1996 large data deficiencies are found in respect of scale of pay and basic pension and qualifying service among other things. Even sincere bank staff at the Account Holding Branch find it frustrating to decipher the old documents.
Clearly the Government Accounting Offices have abdicated their responsibility and thrust it on unsuspecting bank officers and staff.

I really do not know why the Government Accounting Offices cannot upload on its servers everyone's updated PPO and provide a search algorithm like a combination of name and Date Of Birth to display the PPO. For example TNEB Pensioners' website provides the details of PPO if one enters PPO Number and also gives the amount credited to the bank month wise for the period selected.

07-12-2008, 10:29 AM
Dear Mr Sundaram

I fully agree with your observations- particularly in the last paragraph

The modus operandi of fixation of pension - in case it becomes necessary- as per OM of 14th Oct 2008 can be done only if the PPO is available at the disbursing branch. Even in such cases if the scale of pay at the time of retirement of pensioner is not mentioned in the PPO- things get complicated. (Centralised Cells will not be useful if they do not have the PPOs/ copies).

However if some/ reasonable proof is provided, the disbursing branch may be cooperative. But then problems will crop up as you are pointing out in cases of pre-1996 pensioners- their scales- correlations etc! How to dig out the relevant details? Even in the parent Department, will somebody be prepared to take out the personal file easily? SERVICE BOOK? Will it be intact till now?

Again fixation appears to be more relevant from scales S-25 upwards (S-24 being the null-point!).

Most of the lower scale pensioners may be satisfied with the 2.26 formula table of 1st sept/ 3rd oct 2008 OMs- as apparently the figures may work out to be higher than the new fixation in terms of the Pay Bands!. Unless one sits down and works out his own case, he may not know the diffrence- whether positive or negative!. Again, where people have drawn stagnation increments, there may be need for fixation in some cases.

As you observed the so called Accounting authorities have passed on the buck to the disbursing branches- perhaps due to the ready commitment given by the respective Chairmen to the Govt.!

Regarding your suggestion in the last pragraph, I am sure much of the data after 5th CPC is available in electronic form- in one mode or other- as many of us got computerised PPOs/ Revised PPOs- and such data must be in storage medium of the mainframes (in the servers/ tapes/ discs etc) and with some effort they can slowly convert the data easily to accessible formats. They can go back from most recent easliy and quickly. ORGANISATIONS LIKE RREWA WH ARE INVOLVED IN MISSIONS WITH GOI's PENSIONERS'PORTAL can take up this job!

(I and hopefully your kind-self also - if willing- can offer our free services- if only the concermed guys give us place to sleep and food to eat! I CAN MOBILISE ANOTHER FEW- who are computer-crazy)



11-01-2011, 04:45 PM
Curious to know if everyone concerned has got his/her revised Pension by now; particularly retirees of post 1.1.2006 to 31-8-2008 period. Incidentally myself and some of my category friends are yet to get our revised pension amount even after five years of retirement. Thanks

12-01-2011, 06:42 AM
The Administration/Accounts Section of your Office may be in a position to confirm
that the revision pension papers have been prepared and forwarded to CPAO for issue of formal amendment to PPO. Hence, you may like to check with your office in this regard.
In many departments, it may be quite possible that revision papers have been sent to CPAO and amendment too got issued.

12-01-2011, 09:39 AM
The Administration/Accounts Section of your Office may be in a position to confirm
that the revision pension papers have been prepared and forwarded to CPAO for issue of formal amendment to PPO. Hence, you may like to check with your office in this regard.
In many departments, it may be quite possible that revision papers have been sent to CPAO and amendment too got issued.

THANKS A LOT for ur kind response Sir;
I need mention that my friends are in regular touch with the PAO of my employer's office,
And stock reply that they are being given is that the process is on!!!
Incidentally the Revised Authority sent to CPAO was returned back
As it was not correctly prepared!!!
THREE months have passed in between and PAO is rectifying the error in our case!!!
I wish to know is it the way the retirees are treated in all departments/ PAOs
Or ours is an example being set about the
Way of things to happen in future!!
Thanks again.

12-01-2011, 06:57 PM
The Revision work was initially vested with the Banks for the first time. Moreover, the qualifying service of 20 years for full pension was extended to the pensioners retired during 1.1.2006 to 2.9.2008 was extended only on 10.12.2009. Since the Banks could not make the revision in expected time, the concerned departments started the work lately on their own after devising the appropriate format for revising the pension. Particularly, in many of the cases, the pre-revised scale/last pay drawn was not available, so is the case of date of birth/age etc. of spouse. Finally, in case of any discrepancy in the pension papers, the same will naturally get returned back to PAO concerned for rectification. All these could not avoid delay, as the recommendation itself was ordered only in Sep. 2008.

Top priority is being given for revision of pension at present. Soon, I hope and wish that your case also will be settled. This is the first time, the qualifying service of 33 years is reduced to 10/20 years and the pension is calculated at 50% of emoluments last drawn or last 10 months average emoluments, whichever is beneficial. Hence, this delay. As said already, the last pay drawn was not available or the pre-revised scale not available or the age factor with proof has to be established in r/o spouse.

Now, since there are as many as 42 cases are under process in respect of the anomaly relating to Minimum of the Pay in the Pay band and once settled favourable to pensioners, the pension ought to be re-revised in cases where it is beneficial. Same is the case of full pension for 10/20 years qualifying service in r/o pre-2006 pensioners with less than 33 years qualifying service.

16-01-2011, 03:59 PM
Thanks a lot for ur views Sir; However, I doubt if the Revision work in respect of Post 2006 Retirees was vested with the Banks as in this category, the Pay was to be fixed as per the SPC and hence it was the respective Adminstration/PAOs who had to process the revision of Pension after fixation of Last Pay Drawn.
Yes, the qualifying service of 20 years for full pension was extended to the pensioners retired during 1.1.2006 to 2.9.2008 only on 10.12.2009 as the deciding authority reached a dead end of its confused wisdom.

My fear is if the Authorities are not able to process and paythis category of beneficiaries whose case is more than settled now, even after more than one year; then what will be the fate of those agrieved pensioners of those 42 reported cases and case of full pension for 10/20 years qualifying service in r/o pre-2006 pensioners with less than 33 years qualifying service!!

Thanks again..