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R K Rao
04-06-2011, 02:35 PM
Dear G Connect authorities,

I see a problem in posting queries in this forum. The problem is as under :

A person A posts a query under a particular tab (Say GENERAL in this case), yesterday. He is either responded by another person today (which he has not seen) or is awaiting reply.

Meanwhile the person B posts a query under the same TAB. Then the older one is removed and further discussion/ clarification/ reply on that is discontinued.

A case in point is the present one. There was a query posted under general column. I am now posting this. This will appear and the earlier one will hide. New comers (means people who open the General tab today), won't see the one earlier to mine, which is a loss.

There is one other post I would like to post but not knowing where to post, I am posting here (and not posting it separately because then the above one will disappear from the index)

On passing Hindi examination, a person has been granted special increment as incentive wef say 01 Apr 11. But the adm clerk is refusing to publish and claim arrears because he says ALL INCREMENTS WILL BE GRANTED WEF 01 JUL only.

According to me , this is wrong. It is only at the time of fixation of pay, we have to worry about Jul increment. He is not agreeing.

If he is right and special increment can be granted only in Jul , then what is the status of the following case ?

A person has been granted special increment for passing Hindi exam wef 01 Sep 10. He retires in May 11.

Expert comments requested.



No response so far (6.6.11)?

R K Rao
05-06-2011, 09:38 PM
Just to bring it to the fore.

R K Rao
07-06-2011, 09:30 PM

I have raised an important issue here about grant of increment. Any clarifications?

I have also asked as to how to keep concurrently discussed matters under the same tab till the matters are finalised. I request Gconnect authorities to kindly guide.

As regards to leaving the General Tab for general matters, well if there is a place to post this problem, I shall go there. But I feel there is a tab for LTC (under service matters) also where matters relating to LTC should be posted ( I mean it is not a general subject).