View Full Version : 4 years service in 7500 scale to be fixed in d next grade

13-10-2008, 08:26 PM
please clarify the upgradation is applicable after 4 years of service to all scales with old scale of 7500 or only limited to certain departments ,if so ,why such anomaly when the scale is same all benefits to be given at par for all in the same scale irrespective of the department.:o

13-10-2008, 08:58 PM
Your observations are very true. It is difficult to comprahend some funny decisions of the govt. like:

giving upgradation after 4 years in 7500 scale / grade pay 4800 to only few selected dept./posts

merging of few scales from retrospective effect when there are govt. servants who got promotion/ACP to the same grades after 1.1.2006!

Upgrading certain scales to next level scale and not ensuring the minimum of the upgraded scale before fixing of the pay in the revised pay band

Calling the 'grade pay' as the one which speaks of 'heirarchy' (and not the fixed pay) and not ensuring 'different grade pays' to 'different levels' in the same pay band and keeping the 'same grade pay' in 'different pay bands'!

Calling the family planning incentive increment as 'allowance' to avoid giving arrears!