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R K Rao
15-05-2011, 08:29 PM
The following is the pay procedure in my office

Quartering committee ( from a sister establishment in the same department ) allots a Govt. accn. to an eligible staff from the department pool. Military Engineering Service (a different department) is intimated of the same since they control repairs, replacements, raising of licence fee bills etc.

MES sends bill for water, electricity and L/F, monthly.

Pay bill is prepared by the office, duly deducting the amount intimated by MES.

Bill is submitted to Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Located in another Station).

At the end of the month, consolidated amount is released by the PCDA into the account of the office.

On the last working day, concerned officials sign the bill and office issues a cheque with a list showing names, account numbers of individuals and amount of credit to the bank.

The bank credits this amount to the accounts of the respective individuals.

This being so,

Recently an individual complained that the charges towards electricity are very high and disproportionate to his use. We advised him to give a represetnation and the same was sent to MES. Since no response was received , on the pay day, he refused to sign the pay bill. We pacified him and advised him to sign the bill.

In our office the rule is - if there is an undisbursed amount, the same has to be returned to the treasury through Military Receivable Order (by depositing the money in SBI/RBI).

Query -

1. What happens if the individual refuses to accept his salary ( I mean, other than depositing the salary back to the treasury, what action is to be taken and against whom?)

2. According to a clause in Swamy's Recept & Payment Rules..., if the salary is credited directly to the bank, other than obtaining a confirmation from the bank, no signature etc. of the individuals on pay bill is required.

3. Under such circumstances, do we have to obtain audit clearance for not obtaining signatures on pay bills?

4. Also, how the individual's protest against discrepancies in his pay claimed can be taken cognisance if his pay is credited without his consent?



R K Rao
21-05-2011, 10:57 AM
Any reply?