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13-10-2008, 07:52 PM
After 5 cpc different criteria existed for the definition of FAMILY particularly dependent parents who are either pensioners/family pensioners.

Now after 6 cpc there is uniform criteria to consider the pensioner/family pensioner as Dependant family member:

That is linked to minimum pension/family pension granted by the Govt. of India for all purposes. viz. LTC, Medical attendance etc.

The term linked to minimum pension/family pension is being interpreted differently by different departments, as below:

ONE OPINION is parent with a minimum family pension (now it is Rs.3500/=) or less than that is considered as "dependent"

ANOTHER OPINION is parent less than miminum pension/family pension (which is same now and it is Rs.3500) is to be considered as 'dependent'.

What is the CORRECT position?