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30-04-2011, 07:49 PM
Dear Sirs,

The APAR copy pertaining to the period 2004-05 has recently been communicated to me on 25.04.2011 to enable me to give representation against the below Bench mark awarded i.e., "Just Adequate" for upgrading, in order to get the MACP benefits.

In this regard I may be clarified whether the past 6year old APAR still have the relevance for considering my MACP benefits. I have completed 30years of service as on 08.07.2010.

Timely clarification would be much solicited, please..

30-04-2011, 08:44 PM
Fulfillment of normal promotion norms is not required for MACP. Hence ACR Bench Mark of only the current year need be considered by the Screening Committee for awarding upgradation under MACP.


R K Rao
02-05-2011, 10:34 PM

I wanted to start a new thread here, but could not. I do not know why I was not being permitted (message was " you are not having access......").

I am therefore, taking this page to raise my question. Kindy reply -

If the APAR for current year only is required for MACP, what is the status of erstwhile Class IV Staff and also those of Industrial category - We did not have ACRs and don't hvae APAR for these category. How do we proceed?


03-05-2011, 09:42 PM
Dear Mr.R.K.Rao.

As per the information known to me, the APAR is meant for Central Secretariat Staff and 90% of the columns in the APAR are not applicable for the field offices. The ACR forms are still being used for the subordinate field offices of govt. of India. But some of the offices are still under the impression that the APAR is introduced in place of ACR which is wrong.

Further, as regards status of erstwhile Class IV staff, there is no need of submitting ACRs of previous year because there was no system prevailed for them. But now ACRs are one of the component for MACP, most of the offices are collecting simply a general assessment report on ACR for the last 3 years. For example a simple statment showing that there was no adverse REAMRKS against them for the last three years are enough quoting a sentence that the confidential reports are "GOOD" in respect of the concerned for the last three years.


R K Rao
03-05-2011, 09:58 PM


Sir, in my department, the ACR has been replaced with APAR since last year. If you go to my department website dgqadefence.gov.in and click on staffcorner and then on APAR, you will see the forms etc. given for implementation.

As regards to erstwhile Group D, they are now Group C for all purposes and have joined the larger population of LDC, UDC, Storekeeper, Sr. Storekeeper etc. etc - the list is almost endless. Therefore, if I say there is no apar/acr required for Mr. X, who is say a safaiwala and the officer asks me where is it laid down that it is not required (you know some of the officers have the habit of always asking authority for almost everything - in other words, we are supposed to be guided by them whereas they not only fail to guide us but keep asking rules for everything, despite the fact that the grade pay is almost equal to a old Group D employee).

[ A number of years back, one officer had told me that he does not treat XXXXXX publication which is accepted by all Govt. offices as authority and had said he will accept only Govt. letter and kept asking me questions as if I was guilty for his not knowing the rules].

What can one say?