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21-04-2011, 09:38 PM
What is Anomaly? If not , can we name as corruption when there is deviation or departure from the normal or common order/rules or norms ?

According to me, the meaning of anomaly is something that is unusal, unexpected or different from what normally happens. But the Staff side and Official side leaders are relectant to admit the meaning of anomaly. The recent official minutes of the 3rd Anomaly committee is a very good literature for the BBA or MBA students as exercises in their curriculam because it is a clear example how to escape from the responsibilities. Most of the anomalies, both staff side and official side have come to a conclusion(as per official minutes) that those are not part of anomalies. But it is painfully unable to understand what to say for the following deviations or departure from the normal or common orders/norms.

• The Hon’ble Prime Minister himself admitted that there is a growing feeling in the people that our laws, systems and procedures are not effective in dealing with corruption while addressing IAS, IFS, IPS and other senior bureaucrats. See this link: http://www.asianetindia.com/news/manmohan-unveils-series-steps-tackle-corruption_263010.html

• It is doubtful whether the attitude of the people are part of corruption or otherwise . This will help the aggreived employees to take up the same soon after the introduction of the bill in the mansoon session.

• The employees demanded to remove the anomaly with regard to the grant of first increment after 6th cpc implementation. Ie., one time increment w.e.f. 1st July, 2006 because some of them are getting the first increment when completes 6 months or others getting the first increment after 17months. Is it not deviation or departure from the norms that one has to complete minimum six months for drawal of first increment?. Whereas when one Mr.Kabui joined on 2.1.2006 in the promoted post, he was given first increment from 1.7.2006 before completing 6 months.

• Introduction of MACP in place of ACP. The ACP financial upgradations were given in the absence of promotion when one completes 12 and 24 years respectively. Whereas when modifed the benefits,it would have been more beneficial than curtailing the existing benefits. Is it not deviation from from the normal one what is enjoyed? Eg. An employee who was in the pre-revised scale 6500-10,500 in his 1st ACP got fixation in GP5400 and the 2nd ACP when he completed 24 years in 6600 GP. Subsequently his junior when completed 1st and 2nd upgradations in MACP were given only 4800 GP and 5400 respectively. Is it not anomaly or different from what it normally happens or discrimination among the same cateogry?

• The MACP is a fall back option and the cadre controlling authorites are expected to give timely promotions/elevation when one completes the minimum period as per RR by restrucring the posts/cadres. Accordingly hundreds of posts were newly created/upgraded in order to give one time elevation/promotion in the Central secretariat service. When the same facility is not available for field offices, is it not anomaly?

• The latest minutes(3rd NAC) states that the pay of pre-revised 6500-10,500 existed before 1.1.2006 were upgraded to 7450-11,500 with GP 4600 GP. If so how the DOPT can fix the pay of one mr.Kabui when he joined in the post of CSS Assistant( pre 5500-9000) w.e.f. 2.1.2006 and he has been fixed as 7450x1.86+4600 GP. Whereas these fixations are denied to others. Is it not deviation from FR . Accordingly number of employees were given stepping up in CSS. When the official side reiterates that the pre-revised 6500-10,500 existed before 1.1.2006 are eligible for GP 4600, how Mr.Kabu who was drawn 5500-9000 can be given fixation in 7450-11,500 with GP 4600 when promoted from 4000-6000 pre-revised scale. Can we call otherwise as Corruption. If so whether the officers who have done such irregularies are eligible for punishment under the new proposed bill.

• Further the OM dated 13.11.2009 stipules those who existed pre 6500-10,500 as on 1.1.2006 are eligible for GP4600. In fact when 3 scales were merged w.e.f.1.1.2006 , all should be given 4600 GP w.e.f. 1.1.2006 whereas the minutes of the 3rd anomaly committee purposly deviate from the contents of OM 13.11.2009 and replaced the word "before 1.1.2006 " instead of "as on 1.1.2006".

• Similarly Tour DA, when there is no practice of giving bill by the hotels in the rural India, insisting to fabricate bill for the genuine DA claims. Is this not part of anomaly?

• Both mother and father are equally important for bringing up their child as per Guardianship Rule. Here the Child Care Leave is denied to father/employee even there is no alive mother. Is this not another anomaly?

• Many seniors / higher pre-revised scale holders were downgraded by merging two scales. Is it not anomaly by deviating from what normally happens. Eg. 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 are merged and also 6500-10,500 and 7450-11,500 are merged. Is it not anomaly of denial of bunching or appropriate hike to the seniors. Now the juniors are much benefited than seniors. Is it not anomaly?.

• When a PG level LDC/UDC is equalised with 4th standard sweeper, is it not anomaly?

The above are skelton examples. When the staff side purposely did not raise these examples in its true spirit and the official side are not willing to admit as Anomalies, whether the above points comes under the puriew of the proposed corruption bill because some of them gained undue financial advantage and benefit out of such deviations.

21-04-2011, 10:19 PM
Dear Sir,
When some ministries placed all 12K to PB4, it is unfortunate rather unjustice to place 12K to PB3 in some ministries. It is really insulting many in the country.

The multiplication factor should be uniform to all CG employees.

These two are natural justice and legally valid anomalies. But who cares ?

22-04-2011, 09:10 PM
Sufferings of Serving 12K officers/engineers/scientists

We, the 12k engineers and scientists in leading scientific organisation of India are suffering a lot psychologically, due to the grave mistake of the goyt while implementing the SPC. recommendations. we 12k and 14.3K people had very narrow salary difference of Rs.2300 prior to SPC, were put into a state where the 14.3K people have awarded a basic salary of Rs.46100 and we are getting a basic of Rs.22900 - a huge difference.
In the absence of no major difference in service conditions and responsibilities, this difference is not at all justifiable.

Corrections to be done:
The state govts like tamilnadu and WB have taken a wise decision to put 12K officers into PB4.
Even a central govt organisation, the Indian Institute of agricultural research has awarded PB4 to 12K officers after the completion of 3 years service.

we had information that the dept level anomaly committees had recommended four increments to the 12K officers.
However, the NAC which was in place for last two years didnt look into this issue.
Hence the DOPT, must sort out this issue immediately, otherwise the srving engineers and scientists would be compelled to approach supreme court.
Also the seniors(pensioners) may take us along with you in the fight and advise us suitably.