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25-03-2011, 07:58 PM
DPCs must be held before 31.3.2011 – Jt. Secretaries responsible for confirmation to DOPT before 4th April, 2011 - Single Window System in UPSC and scruitiny on the spot

DOPT admits delays in holding DPCs adversely viewed by CATs and High Courts – Non adherence of time frame , the Joint secretaries of concerned Minisitry is responsible for signng certificate for his department and attached offices and the lapses will be fixed accordingly.

Department of Personnel and Training's vide O.M. No. 2201 1/1/2011-Estt.(D) dated 11.03.201 1 reiterated adherence to model calendar for convening of Departmental Promotion Committee for timely drawal of panel for promotions. All the MinistrieslDepartments were advised to ensure that DPCs for the vacancies arising in
2011-12 are held before 31, March 201 1. The Ministries / Department were also
requested to nominate an officer of the level of Joint Secretary as the designated
authority for ensuring timely holding of DPCs and to certify adherence to the model
calendar for all DPCs.

A Certificate and confirmation report are to be sent by 4th April, 2011 by Joint Secretaries of all Departments that DPCs for his department and its attached offices have been completed before 31.3.2011 for the vacancies arising for the year 201 1-12 ..

Delay in holding the DPCs not only affect the manpower planning in various MinistrieslDepartments but also impedes the career progression across the board and is the main reason for litigation before CAT and various High Courts. The UPSC has recently brought this non-satisfactory position to the notice of DOPT . The UPSC has since stopped accepting incomplete proposals w.e.f. 01.08.2010 an d have introduced a new procedure under the 'Single Window System' whereby MinistrieslDepartments are now required to bring their proposals by hand which are scrutinized on the spot by the designated officer of the UPSC.

In case of non-adherence to the prescribed time-frame, the Joint-Secretary concerned is responsible for signing certificate of completeness and will be held responsible for the lapse and such responsibility shall be fixed accordingly.




27-03-2011, 06:35 AM
sir, all ordres/guidelines are very well issued..will these guidelines be applicable to CBEC authorities..
in cbec ,as per reply given under rti, there are more than 300 vacancies of ac..also all promotions are done once in 2 years gap..2002,2005,2007,2008,nov, 2010,etc..
all peromotions from 1997 are still kept 'adhoc''..
Instead of seniority principle for ADHOC promotions,posts are filled in 6;1;2 ratio and the reservation to sc/st are given from separate cadres--thus restricting zone of consideration and denying eligible men..1976 inspr and 1993 supdt from reserved category retd as supdt in 2009 when counter part was made JC and even ADC.
1992 cex supdts are still waiting,counter parts are Joint commrs..
will upsc/dopt do any thing for non-adherence to guidelines/orders.

11-09-2011, 07:54 AM
All orders by dopt/upsc are more violated than complied by CBEC.
It is rumoured that the dopt/UPSC has objected the further adhoc promotions on the ground that they were never kept informed of the 'fact that all promotions as ACs from 1997 are still adhoc' .Even this is used as a blessing in disguise for not issuing the timely promotions now.Every month 25-to 30 are retiring who are on the verge of promotion against the 400 plus vacancies of ACs.
Simultaneously, the post of Member (personnel&vigilance) was filled up well before the rett. of incumbent on 31/7/2011. Recently, last week,the promotions from Commissioner to CCs are also ordered last week to more than 30,right from 2009-10 on wards.If this time schedule is an indication,may be by jan,2012 the filling up of ACs can be expected.(court oeder dt.3-8-2011 is another blessing as time upto 31/12/2011 is allowed).
You will find special peculiar guidelines are followed for fixing the all india seniority of Group B cadres ,different for each cadre,in violation of dopt guidelines/orders.As per dopt orders,Each DPC select panel will decide the seniority for 'promotees' and then how to merge the different panels of different cadre controlling cadres-it has to be by merger of these panels only.To see how the cbec has deviated ,pl. visit the cbec website and the departmental officers page,where the lists are published and the covering letters..

11-09-2011, 01:59 PM
Dear Shri.V.Unnikrishnan,

According to me, the orders issued by MOF and DOPT are very clear and that is with a clear intention to give timely promotions. But what is going on in New Delhi is entirely different and no body can question them. The implementation part of OMs are so undemocratic and discriminatory. Recently one of my friend asked a question- "Do you know any thing about the promotion policies - such as: Direct, Promotion(adhoc and regular), payment seat etc". The very question itself is surprising and first time we are hearing about payment seat for promotion. If such is the case ,even hundreds of Annas cannot stop corruption in India. Many employees of field offices were discriminated by the people sitting at the top, they can do what ever they like. Even people are asking what is the need of sending representations etc. because the 6th cpc has given individual freedom to each and every Ministries to decide the question of fixation, promotion, discrimination and undemocratic styles. So the question of payment seat for promotion has become a point for discussion. Let the Lokpal be implemented as early as possible. It may please be noted that the meaning of corruption includes violation of Government Policies/Rules such as directives issued by MOF and DOPT. So there will be a day for us to point out these officers under the provision of Corruption, who were violated government policies with regard to promotion or fixation etc. Till such time the information if any, such as payment seat etc. may be collected so that it will be an added evidences for decision makers in the CAT/Lokpal/Appropriate authority.