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22-03-2011, 03:47 PM
Dear Colleagues,

I am a CG officer, went on official tour with my DA advance and refunded the balance amount on 10th day after completion of the tour. Even then our office charged penal interest on this balance amount from the date of drawal to the date of refund.

Now as far as I know all these advances are controlled by the GFR rule mentioned in compedium of advances attached to GFR rule. In this compedium Rule 51 says that the advance shall be adjusted within 15 days. And Rule 2 says that sanctions to be issued by the competent authority should stipulate that no interest shall be chargeable if the conditions attached to the sanction, including those relating to the recovery of amout, are complied with fully to the satisfaction of the competenet authority. These clearly indicate that no interest should be charged if the balance amount is refunded with 15 days after tour.

But our office mis-interpreted the phrase in above rule 'conditions attached to the sanction' as any condition even superseding rule at the discretion of the person sanctioning the advance or the head of the office. Which is not logical becacuse then all conditions in the rule would become redundant and it would lead to absurdity. Further rules cannot be changed without prior approval of the Govt as the same is mentioned in the order of finance ministry.

Now I need authorative reply to stop this absurdity and mis-interpretation or channel where I can get this authorative reply quickly.


24-03-2011, 10:38 AM
Dear Shindeji,
The tour advance is sanctioned by the office and not the individual employee. The role of the HO and DDO is to sanction only sufficient amount to coover the official's personal travelling expenses. If at all sanctioned any amount, over and above one's entitlement the DDO/HO is responsible and the penality has to go to him. Secondly there may be reasons for savings out of TA advance on the following reasons
1. Non availability of accommodation in the appropriate class in the train.
2. sudden change of programme due to various reasons.
So the untilized amount is simply to be refunded. If one is keeping the TA advance purposely without undertaking the tour approved, the employee is liable to refund with penal interest.