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22-03-2011, 03:19 PM
Victims of partiality - Central Govt. employees of subordinate offices

The Indian Administrative system has now discriminated the central government employees of the subordinate offices and cheated first time in the Indian history after independence. The central government used to revise the CCS (Revised. Pay) Rules as and when it approves the pay commissions report. Similarly the Central government revised the pay rules after the approval of the 6th pay commission report which is known as CCS(Revised Pay)Rules 2008. The Central Government never discriminated the employees while approving and extending the benefits even in the revised pay rules 2008. But the administrative system without the consent of the Central government started deviating the rules CCS(Revised Pay)Rules 2008 published in the official gazette of India and thereby the employees of the Field office of the Central Government are cheated first time in the Indian history and discriminated. The occasions of which the employees are discriminated are brought to notice hereunder:

1. There were no separate pay rules for Central Secretariat Staff and other central government offices. The FR is followed for both . But the pay fixations are done differently and granted higher pre-revised scales and fixations were done at the minimum of the pre-revised scales. This is a gross injustice for not extended to field offices though both are followed one FR.

2. The Central Government formulated guidelines for restructuring and revising of Recruitment Rules vide OM No. AB.14017/61/2008-Estt. (RR) dated 24.3.2009 and several reminders were sent to all departments/Ministries to follow strictly and reminded several times. The guidelines stipulate timely promotions and pay/GP hikes in particular designation when one completes minimum period starting from 2 years. – Whereas this was followed by DOPT for the Central secretariat staff only.

3. The Cadre Controlling Authorities of Field offices/Organizations are a senior most officer in each Department/Ministry and they are not taking any interest in the Cadre review or revising the RR of field offices and simply reproduced the old RR in a new paper. Even the consultations were not yet taken place with the staff side.

4. The Pay commission and government ordered to constitute Departmental Anomaly committees to sort out the anomalies pertaining to each Department/Organization. Whereas many organizations not constituted anomaly committees so far.

5. Hundreds of posts (different categories) were newly created in the Central Secretariat vide DOPT order No.F.24/1/2010-CS1(P) dated 20th January, 2011 and No.20/51/2009-CS.II dated 27th January, 2011 and ordered to fill up such vacancies only by promotion through Seniority quota as a one time measure. Whereas there is no such steps to give promotion or upgradation to the employees working in the field offices. In spite of there are sanctioned strengths/vacancies, the cadre controlling authorities of field offices are simply delaying the files in the name of revival of posts or petty reasons.

6. The stepping up of pay of seniors at par with juniors in the same line also were granted only to the staff of Central Secretariat Staff and the same is not extended to employees of the field offices.

7. The DOPT vide OM No.22011/1/2011-Estt(D) dated 11th March 2011 ordered time frame for holding DPCs and accordingly for the anticipated vacancies during 2011-12 , the DPC is to be completed on or before 31st March, 2011. This was also strictly followed for the Central Secretariat staff only. Whereas the same was not materialized for the employees of the field offices.