View Full Version : Pending confidential report is an employee's fault

Dr Girish Singh
22-02-2011, 11:36 PM
Dear Learned Sirs,
If annual confidential report of an employee is pending, is it employee's own fault as he has not filled-up his self reporting column and not submitted in time to the reviewing authority for writing his character roll.

23-02-2011, 06:51 AM
The date for distribution of Blank form of APAR to the concerned employees is 31st March. It should be submitted the employees by after filling he self appraisal to the reporting by 15th April.
The procedure is case of non submission of self appraisal in time is as follows:

“After the expiry of the first week of the time-schedule, if the self appraisal is not received by that time, Reporting Officer should take it upon himself to remind the officer to be reported upon in writing, asking him to submit his self-appraisal. If no self-appraisal is received by the stipulated date, the reporting officer can obtain another blank APAR form and proceed to write the report on the basis of his experience of the work and conduct of the officer reported upon. While doing so, he can also point out the failure of the officer reported upon to submit his self-appraisal within the stipulated time.” [ BROCHURE ON PREPARATION &MAINTENANCE OF