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21-02-2011, 12:33 AM
Dear Seniors,

After the service of about 6 years in an autonomous organization under Govt. of India, I tendered technical resignation and joined another post in 2008 in another autonomous organization under Govt. of India. My technical resignation was accepted with effect from date of my relieving. I was in GPF cum pension scheme in my parent department (existing before 1-1-2004). In my new department also the old pension scheme existed until 1-1-2004.

Please guide me regarding what are the things that are to be transferred from my parent department to present department so that my past service is counted for the purpose of pension etc. Service book and CRs can be transferred ? what about my earned leave ? TDS statement for 6th CPC arrears can be asked ?

During my service in my parent department, in my salary slip Rs. 17 was deducted every month under the head DCRR. Is it gratuity ? Is it transferable ?

Request for transfer of the required things is to be made by my present office or by myself with a copy to present office ? please help me.


21-02-2011, 02:45 PM
Your present office has to request your old office for transfer of your records (Service book, ACRs, LPC, etc.). However, you may have to coordinate as it is in your interest.