View Full Version : Selection under reserved category seats

13-02-2011, 09:48 PM

I have seem that while making admissions to various courses like MBBS/BDS/Engg, the selection is first held for reserved category candidates (candidates not seats). Resons, what is perceive is that if some reserved category candidate comes up on merit he can opt for either open (Unreserved) seat or the seat under his category.

Eg. An SC student at General Merit 10 (reserved merit under SC: 1) can opt for seat in open merit. Thus the category gets benefited when he (SC candidate) gets seat on his own merit in open category.

This implies that a category candidate is also General candidate i.e. he can compete for open seats.

Thus this principle hold same in case of Selections to job. That is an applicant of reserved category can opt for open seat. If it is so, then it will imply that interview for open seats should be held before it is held for reserved category.

Is my perception right?

Pl guide.