View Full Version : What is diem in TA/DA rules ?

06-10-2008, 05:32 PM
The word "diem" used in TA/DA rules could not be found in any dictonary or even in legal glossary published by Govt. of India. What is its actual meaning ?

badri mannargudi
07-10-2008, 05:20 PM
dear sherin,

Follow these terms:-

per month denoted by per mensom

per year denoted by per annum , like that

per day denoted by per diem.

Our Official legal language has not shed usage of Latin words.

(source :wikipedia english)

09-10-2008, 02:03 PM
Thank you so much. Its gracious to see your reply. Once again, thanks a lot.

09-10-2008, 05:07 PM
The Term “Per Diem” is used by U. S. General Services Administration, A U S counterpart of our CPWD, DOPT & Deptt of expenditure. They provide for different rules & norms. What I understand by “Per Diem” is equivalent to earlier Daily Allowance. In USA Government employee have to submit itemized list of expenses incurred during the tour. But they have submit the actual receipts if total expenses exceeds $75/-. Kindly refer website www.gsa.gov ---- Home > About GSA > Reference > Regulations > Federal Travel Regulation > Table of Contents. These FTA rules elaborates all regulations regarding US TA /DA

16-10-2008, 07:20 AM
So the USA is also yet to shed latin terms.

Venugopal Viswanathan
23-02-2009, 10:37 PM
Government has issued Notification on 22-01-09 for claiming Travelling allowanceas per VI Central Pay Commission. It was stated in the notification that those Government servant who had to go to remote places on Public interest and are/were not staying in Hotels and had to take food in roadside shed hotels, dhabas. They could not obtain Food bill can opt to claim Daily allowance as per O.M. 17-4-98. For them limiting the DA as per T.A.claims prior to VI Commisison may be reasonable. But those Government servant who are/were staying in Hotel /Lodges and paying Rent as per VI Central Pay Commission i.e., Rs.1500, 500 etc., depending upon their Grade Pay. They may not get food in their lodges where Boarding in their lodges are/were not provided. They have/had to take their Food elsewhere, where they can not get their Food bill. In that case, If those Government employees who opt for the regulation of their T.A. claims as per O.M. dated 17-4-98, they may lose their revised Hotel Rent which they have already incurred. (Their claim may be limited to Rs.225, 200 and so on) Even if they get/got the food bill, it is very difficult to preserve all the food bill. In respect of the officials of I.A.&.A.D. where the officials have extensive tour liability i.e., they may have to stay for complete 30 days or even more, they can not preserve the food bill (they have to obtain One bill for coffee, one bill for breakfast, one bill for afternoon meals, one bill for evening light snacks and one bill for night dinner total 180 bills for entire 30 days). Coming to the incurring of expenditure. Now a days Rs.200 is not at all sufficient for taking food in hygenic and Standard Hotels(for eg., Rs.10 or more for Coffee, Rs.40 for breakfast, Rs.75 for afternoon meals, Rs.25 for snacks Rs.60 for night dinner Total Rs.210 ). Further, regarding Conveyance, Government servant have/had to hire autorickshaws for Lodge to Office, Office to Hotels and viceversa, where the Drivers are illiterate and they may laugh at us, if we demand conveyance charges bill from him. Taking all these problems faced by the Government employees, Government should think and should not insist on production of food bill and also conveyance bill from the Government employees. Even after hearing all the grievances, if Government insist for the food bill, Government employees may resort to mal practices but to no other go.