View Full Version : Asst. Professor on casual basis on consolidated pay - Query

13-01-2011, 10:57 AM
hi, Friends.
I need some clarification regarding Asst.Professors on Casual basis on consolidated pay.

My Friend got the above said posting after 13 years of hourly basis lecturer. In his order "the pay is applicable only in respect of those persons engaged during the current academic year 2010-11 and who are actually serving in the colleges where engagement orders were issued"

My question is
before getting this order some of his friends joined as Hourly basis lecturer in their colleges. But he is not get his order in time because of some administrative problems. Hence those friends got their orders as hourly basis claiming Arrear for their elegible periods.
Is he is also eligible for that period? Is any orders relating to this issue? Is Academic Year covers only for serving period or from the date of order is issued? Because He is the only who got the order delayed. So pls clarify.

thanks in advance