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04-10-2008, 10:38 PM
Clarification 3 is pay fixation under rule 11. I think you are referring Clarification 2 applicable for promotion.
As you may know, before notification of CCS(RP) Rules,2008, Pay on promtion was fixed according to option whether it is from date of promotion or from date of increment. What was done at that time.1) from date of promotion: one increment in prerevised scale was given and pay in the higher scale fixed at the stage just above that.2) from date of increment, no fixation was done on the date of promotion but the person was given equivalent or higher stage in higher pay scale on that date. On date of increment he was given his normal increment as well as one increment for promotion in prerevised scale. After it, pay was fixed just above the pay so arrived at in the higher pay scale. If u are able to understand it, you can easily understand the new rules which is similar to the earlier.
now what the clarification 2 says is that any one who opts to get his pay fixed from the date of promotion, he will get one promotion increment on his new pay + difference of Grade pay. If some one opts to get his pay fixed from the date of increment i.e. 1dt July, he will get higher Grade Pay from the date of promotion but no increment. On the date of increment i.e. 1st July, he will get one normal increment and one promotional increment without adding new grade pay. Difference in Grade Pay will be added thereafter.
If it is still confusing, provide the exact data for which you want to calculate the pay.

05-10-2008, 11:17 AM
I was ScD, DRDO as on 1.1.06 with basic pay 14625. Increment date November .I got promotion on 1-07-07 as ScE
The Scale of Sc D was 12000-16500(pb3), that of Sc E was 14300-18300(pb4)
On promotion I opted for pay fixation under FR 22 so they fixed my pay initially in July 07 at 15100 and finally at 15900 in November 2007 .( ON THE INCREMENT DATE)
While at this basic pay the 6CPC I have to opt, either on 1.1.06 or on promotion date.
If I opt from1-1-06 , I will be fixed in new ScD scale (PB3) then they will have to give me the minimum of the PB4 as per the CSS 2008 . I thought if opt after the promotion I am entitled (as per clarification 3) to the fixation of pay as given in TABLE appended i.e 48390 as on the fixation day, Then one more increment in July 08 making present pay 49850( PB4+ GD).
In the option I have opted for promoted post ( with basic pay 15900). I already got this amount provisionally

My doubt is clarification 2 or 3 which is applicable to me. Is my option correct though it means a loss of arrear
Kindly advise

05-10-2008, 05:31 PM
dear sir,
You have given a right option to fix your pay from the date of promotion instead of from 1/1/2006If you had opted to fix it from 1/1/06, it will be 40330/- w.e.f. 1/7/08. On the other hand it comes 48390/- on date of promotion with DNI 1/7/08. You have calculated your pay correctly. It is also true that you have to loose a major portion of your arrears but it will almost cover in last one year due to difference in pay. Dont loose heart Sir.

06-10-2008, 05:16 PM
Dear Dr:

You have done the correct thing although you have to forego huge arrears as you got the promotion wef 7/2007. But then the difference is huge and break even comes quickly. Of course it is assumed you are younger with long service left to make up for the loss of huge arrears. Bye