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14-12-2010, 12:58 PM
Sir I have taken LTC advance for NEH for (24-29/12/2010) and I got advance for Rs/ 132000 along with LTC leave encashment but our ticket seller sell to someone and now he is giving me ticket from 28/12/2010 -2/1/2011 should we informed to change of my date of journey and take approval. How to write a note to change of date of journey and el encashment. El applied for encashment (24/12/2010 29/12/2010)

Please help me any body how to write a note to office

I submitted previous note this type and

Now my date of journey is 28/12/2010 2/1/2010
EL for ten days encashment (28/12/ - 2/1/2010

Please write a note for me I have written this note to earlier advance
Date : 30/11/2010

I would like to utilitze the LTC for the block year 2008-09 for Bharat Darshan to NEH. Kindly sanction an advance of Rs. 94,000 (One Lakh only) towards the said LTC to be performed during 25-29th December, 2010 from Bhopal to Agartala. In Addition to this kindly sanction the permission to encash (12940+4200) 10 days leave from my EL account for the same Please find herewith a duly filled Application for Advance and the EL form for LTC.
Submitted for your kind approval please.
1. LTC form
2. EL form

14-12-2010, 01:01 PM
The note is in order