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11-12-2010, 04:29 PM
COMMITTEE OF VOLUNTARY AGENCIES (SECOVA) ON 20.9.2010 " is reproduced here. Please give your comments.

Agenda items for Central pension Acounting Office (CPAO)
Additional pension for service beyond 20 years of service. In this connection, the reasoning given by the VI CPC in recommending additional pension for service above 33 years of qualifying service may kindly be seen and service above 20 years suitably rewarded.

11-12-2010, 06:59 PM
Para 6.8 of the SCOVA Minutes of Meeting held on 20.9.2010 (available in pensionersportal.gov.in website) in this regard is as follows:

"Additional pension for service beyond 20 years of service - It was mentioned that this provision will not work as a disincentive to the employees putting in longer years of service because their pay will increase alongwith the tenure which will have a direct bearing on the pension payable".

While the above may be related to post-2006 retirees, there exists another part of the single homogenous class of pensioners, viz. pre-2006 pensioners, who had to render a minimum qualifying service of 33 years for entitlement of full pension. Those who had rendered less than 33 years, have been left with proportionate amount of pension.

At present, as per para 5.3 of the DOP&PW OM dated 2.9.2008 and as has been interpreted accordingly so far in the absence of clarification, full pension is admissible
for a qualifying service of 10 years. Of course, the same will be calculated at 50% of emoluments last drawn, and thereby the additional service if any beyond 10 years
that earned corresponding increase in emoluments, will have a direct bearing on the same.

Full pension for the service rendered in the past, viz. prior to 1.1.2006 on par with post-2006 pensioners, is the wish and prayer of the concerned pre-2006 pensioners.

11-12-2010, 10:19 PM
Thanks Mr.Sundarar for your kind comments. What you have told is yet another affected group. It is also noticed from VI CPCR under " Recommendation for Defence pension " that a Junior commissioned Officer with 20 years service will get 50% of emoluments as pension and full pension on completion of 33 years. It is clear that no CPC is able to recommend properly and giving room for so many anomalies. My point is whether is there any scope for the Government to consider and accept the said item of demand.

12-12-2010, 07:02 AM
Dear Sir, I think you have been referring the following recommendations of the 6th CPC Report.

"Pensionary benefits of Defence Forces Personnel -
Retiring Pension for Commissioned Officers

5.1.56 Pension of Commissioned Officers is fixed on the basis of average emoluments drawn during last 10 months. Pension is paid at the rate of 50% of the average emoluments. Minimum qualifying period of service is 20 years and full pension is payable on
completion of 33 years of qualifying service. These rules are identical to those prevailing in case of civilians. Higher weightage of 3 to 9 years (civilians are allowed weightage of upto 5 years) is given to officers to compensate for truncated career. Weightage is
given to the extent the prescribed age of superannuation for the post falls short of 60 years. Defence Forces have proposed that officers should be paid pension at the rate of 50% of the maximum of the scale attached to the rank from which they retire. The
Commission has recommended payment of pension at the rate of 50% of the last pay drawn or the average emoluments, whichever is higher, irrespective of the number of qualifying years of service completed (subject to completion of 20 years of qualifying service).
All reference to full pension being payable only on completion of 33 years of qualifying service are proposed to be removed. No justification, therefore, remains for allowing any weightage. Further, in the scheme of running pay bands and grade pay, the pension cannot be paid at the maximum pay attached to the post. The Commission recommends accordingly.

Pension for Honorary Ranks
5.1.62 Presently, Havaldars on getting the rank of Honorary Naib Subedar are given an additional pension of Rs.100. As against this, JCOs after becoming Honorary Officers get
pension as per the existing formula on the basis of pay attached to the post of Honorary Officer. Defence Forces have proposed that the pension of Honorary Naib Subedars may also be fixed, accordingly, on the basis of pay attached to the rank. The proposal is inherent in the revised scheme of pay bands being proposed. A Havaldar, on promotion as Honorary Naib Subedar will be eligible for pension with reference to the salary drawn/drawable in the rank of Naib Subedar. Further, pension is now payable with reference to either 10 months average emoluments or the last pay drawn, whichever is beneficial. In light of these changes being recommended, pension for all Honorary ranks of Naib Subedar will henceforth be payable by taking this placement as a regular promotion to the higher grade wherein benefit of fitment in the pay band and the higher grade pay will be taken into account for purposes of fixation of pension".

As the aforesaid recommendations are self-explanatory, in case you have been referring to some other paras, it is desirable to specify the same for better understanding.
Moreover, I am not familiar with Defence pensioners' matter. Thanks for the opportunity.