View Full Version : Anomaly between Scientist-B vs Scientist-B and similarly placed officers

03-10-2008, 02:53 PM
As per the 5th CPC, there was no distinction between a promotee Scientist-B and a direct recruited Scientist-B. Both of them were offered the pay scale 8000-275-13500. As per the 6th CPC, the two have been treated differently. Whereas the promotee Scientist-B has been offered PB-2 with Grade Pay 5400, the direct recuited Scientist-B has been offered PB-3 with Grade Pay 5400 and hence both of them will draw different Basic Pay.

A Section Officer on completion of 4 years of Service gets promoted to PB-3 with Grade Pay 5400 whereas a Scientific Officer/Engineer-SB on promotion to Scientist-B will continue in PB-2 with Grade Pay 5400.

03-10-2008, 03:04 PM
The scientist=b who came to the post from promotion is already in PB-3 and not in pb-2. Direct recruit scienitst-b is also in pb-3.

The confusion is unwarranted to those who were PROMOTED with functional responsibility. In case of ACP which is financial upgradation, Grade Pay may be same but they will be in pb-2 only, until they get promotion for functional position.

03-10-2008, 10:28 PM
Dear Sir, 6th CPC has not made any distinction between Gr. A promotees and direct Gr. A. Where is this given. It is clearly mentioned that pay scale of Rs.8000-13500/- given in PB-2 is aplicable to those GROUP B OFFICERS who have been extended the pay scale of Rs.8000-13500/- but not the status of GROUP A. PB2 is not at all aplicable to any Group A officers whether promotee or diret recruitment. Every thing is clear in the notification itself. Group A entry does NOT MEAN DIRECT RECRUITMENT