View Full Version : 20 days HPL in lieu of earned leave to the teachers

16-11-2010, 10:24 PM
Teachers of central govt were getting only 10 days earned leave apart from CL and RH .So we requested for medical leave to the 6th pay commission when it came to PUducherry .justice Sri Krishna kindly assured to consider our demand which is availed by other state govt teachers .As per the assurance it recommended for 20days half pay leave for teachers .We are much pleased .
But DOPT has issued a clarification 20days half pay leave is in lieu of 10 days earned leave.We are sure that DOPT not applied its mind in issuing this order.
Dopt is always against the teachers as it is the weaker section by strength wise .Till now it has not clarified weather FR22 1 a 1 is eligible or not to the senior scale teachers while switching over to ACP from senior scale.How can we get solution?

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