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gowri shankar wuriti
16-11-2010, 01:57 PM

I joined Dept. Of Space,ISRO in the year 2001 as Scientist/Engineer SC ( PB3 initial grade pay ) and got two promotions( First promotion in 2 years and second promotion in 5 Years) ie I Became Scientist/Engineer SE ( Grade pay 7600). Subsequently i applied for a scientist D (EQUIVALENT OF Scientist/Engineer SE ( Grade pay 7600) OF ISRO) post of similar kind in Min. Of Defence,DRDO through lateral entry for which grade pay is 7600.Since i applied through proper channel all relavent papers including service book and GPF Account transferred to new department. For pension, the past service is considered as per rules. However the residency period for next grade promotion in this new post is 4 years. I became Scientist/Engineer SE ( Grade pay 7600) from July 2008 in ISRO itself. By the time i relieved from ISRO i was granted one annual increment. The new department has protected the pay including the annual increment since i joined in the new post in july 2009.

Related to the experience and technical activities both the posts are having the same /similar nature of duties more than 90% of activities identical. Since the activities are of same kind my technical experience whether the one year service in the rank of Scientist/Engineer SE ( Grade pay 7600) in ISRO is considered for my next grade of promotion in DRDO?If not how DRDO can justify it?
please answer with necessay rules/quotes
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16-11-2010, 09:14 PM
ISRO and DRDO have separate promotion policies/rules and hence one has to be eligible as per the rules of DRDO to be considered for the next promotion in DRDO. Further, the cadres of ISRO and DRDO are separate and hence the service rendered in ISRO cannot be included as residency period for consideration in DRDO. You will be treated as a fresh recruit in DRDO as far as promotion is concerned. The past service in ISRO can at best be counted for pension, leave, increment, gpf, etc.