View Full Version : GPF after resignation.

09-11-2010, 10:08 PM
Dear Sir,

In august 2008, I took three months duly approved leave from duty and subsequently leave from duty without approval. During May 2010, I had resigned from duty with effort from August 2008 and was accepted by the management. As I had not completed 20 years of service, I was not eligibile for pension. While calculating the my end benefits, my office has calculated the GPF till the period of March ending 2009 and they Did not paid any interest after that. In the mean time, during April 2010, in my GPF statement the interest was calculted upto March 2010. I wish to get clarified,
1.whether the GPF account can be closed on a prior date?
2. Am I eligible for interest on my GPF till the date of resignation or date of closing the account by the office?

Thanks in advance