View Full Version : CAT Jodhpur/Calcutta bench Judgments. Inspector, C. Ex

01-10-2010, 02:24 AM

Some body may have a copy of CAT’s (1) Jodhpur Bench Judgment/decision (probably vide this Judgment/decision pay scale of Inspectors of Central Excise and Customs was transferred from Rs. 425 – Rs. 800 to Rs. 500 – Rs, 900 with effect from 01-01-80 and (2) Calcutta Bench Judgment/ decision (Probably vide this order natural date of increment was restored for pay fixation on account of Jodhpur Judgment/decision). Copy of the OA is also needed if possible. Pl provide a copy of these for a prolonged dispute of pay fixation since 93.Attachments may pl be sent to [email protected]