View Full Version : Anomaly in pay protection on reversion on compass. Grounds due to interstate transfer

30-09-2008, 02:40 PM
Sub : Anomaly in Sixth Pay Commission in Pay protection reg.

I submit herewith the following details for your kind clarification.

We around 40 persons in Income Tax Department, Kerala Charge have problems in pay protection due to the following.

We were working in other states as Senior Tax Assistant in the pay scale of 5000-150-6000 and during 2007 and 2008 we got transfer to Kerala on reversion as Tax Assistant in the Pay scale 4000-100-6000 on compassionate grounds. Our pay in the pay scale has been protected as per DOPT OM No.16/6/2001 Estt. Pay-I dated 14-2-2006 as amended by OM dated 4-1-07 while we came here on transfer.

We will be getting grade pay @ Rs. 4200/- for the period we were at other states as Senior Tax Assistant as arrears and now there is a problem of which grade pay to be given to us on reversion. Whether the Grade pay of Rs. 4200/- is to be protected or the same is to be given as personal pay? If the difference is given as personal pay then whether it is to be absorbed in future increments? Also in our office they are telling we are not eligible for allowances such as DA, HRA etc on personal pay.

The main problem for us is that before the implementation of 6th pay commission we were not loosing any amount and in case of fitment problems in the lower scale we will be loosing only a negligible amount of around Rs.100/- p.m.. Now as the new grade pay concept was introduced in this pay commission all of us will loose a very substantial amount of more than Rs. 2500/- per month (Grade pay plus allowances) in the beginning and it will be around Rs. 4000/- per month after 7 years by which time we get promotion as Senior Tax Assistant again we will loose Rs.3,00,000/-. All of us came to Kerala with the hope that even we are loosing our career on pay part we will not be loosing much as per existing pay protection scheme.

Only if grade pay is protected and allowances given for the whole grade pay/personal pay and without absorption in future increments then only justice will be done in our cases. If the above is not done we half of the increase in salary due to 6th Pay commission will not be received by us.

In addition we will be deprived of the existing higher grade quarters eligibility, higher class travel eligibility for Tour/Transfer and LTC as grade pay is the criteria for the same instead of basic pay earlier.